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    19 Strange Quirks You Have To Get Used To If You're Dating A Scot

    A guide for non-Scottish girlfriends, husbands, wives, boyfriends, and fuck-buds.

    1. We'll roast you constantly.

    Twitter: @kieranburns_x

    This just means we like you, honest.

    2. We'll swear at you all the time.

    3. And we're cheeky as hell, too.

    Twitter: @plouise16

    Don't worry, you'll learn to love us in spite of this.

    4. We'll feed you things that will baffle, challenge, delight, and confuse you.

    Twitter: @JTVVV

    Sometimes all at the same time.

    5. We're incredibly direct and to the point.

    Twitter: @LazioMorphine

    So if you go on a date with us and we like you, we'll probably make it clear.

    6. And we're even more direct in the bedroom.

    We're a saucy, earthy, rude, and sexy bunch. So fasten your seatbelts, you're in for the ride of your life. Just let us finish this haggis tikka masala first.

    7. We're programmed to start drinking at certain times.

    Twitter: @liam_mcroy

    If you question this, we'll usually say, "but that's just what you do."

    E.g. "Why are you getting shit-your-pants drunk on the train?"

    "Because that's just what you do."

    8. We'll force-feed you something called Irn-Bru if you ever have a hangover.

    9. You probably won't be able to understand us, at least at first.

    Twitter: @JonathanOHaara

    This will cause a lot of confusion, especially when we're trying to fire into you. "Gies a winch." "I'm sorry, I don't have any specialist lifting equipment to hand."

    10. But even if you don't understand what we're saying, our accent will get you pregnant.

    Channel 4 / Giphy

    Even if you're a man. We're just that sexy.

    11. We'll make you go to things called "ceilidhs".

    Twitter: @BorlandCeilidh

    These are hot, exhausting dances that are fairly baffling to outsiders, or anyone who doesn't speak the lingo, so we'll naturally take you to one on a date.

    12. Oh, and our idea of a fun day trip is to climb up a fucking mountain or some shit.

    Twitter: @WRunstrong

    "Hey, do you want to hang out on Saturday?"

    "Sure! Netflix and chill?"

    "No, Ben Nevis and nearly die."

    13. Our idea of what counts as "beach weather" might not really match yours, either.

    Twitter: @PetraTW

    It's a Scottish tradition to go to the beach in March, huddle under a tarpaulin, and pretend to be having a good time. Sorry in advance.

    14. Our weird behaviour at sporting events can be a bit hard to get used to.

    15. We'll get annoyed with you for the weirdest reasons.

    Twitter: @philipnormal

    Like calling it a potato scone instead of a tattie scone. Top tip: Keep a notebook handy at all times so you can keep track of the things you shouldn't say.

    16. And you might find that we don't even like things that you thought we loved.

    17. We'll try to force you to adopt our culture.

    18. And we're not traditionally romantic.

    19. But don't be fooled – we can surprise you and pull out all the romantic stops when it counts.

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