16 Things About "Buffy" That Make No Sense Now I'm An Adult

    This batshit show made perfect sense 20 years ago. Now, not so much.

    1. Let's start with the basics. What kind of name is "Buffy" anyway?

    2. Why was Giles never reported to the authorities?

    3. Who the hell let Buffy become a guidance counsellor?

    4. Angel is 225 years older than Buffy. 225 years. Why did no one have an issue with that?

    5. And why did he always look like he'd left the oven on?

    6. What the merry fuck is a magic shop?

    7. Giles kept asking Willow to "look (insert demon here) up on the Net." In 1997. How?

    8. What the hell was with The Bronze? Like, at all.

    9. And why did they all go there pretty much every single night of the year?

    10. Why did the writers and character designers think that this monster was OK?

    11. Why did Buffy dress like a middle-aged HR manager called Karen in the later series?

    12. How could Buffy afford to live in this LITERAL PALACE after her mom died (R.I.P. Joyce).

    13. How come Sunnydale High had Downton Abbey’s library?

    14. The vampires were constantly getting their arses handed to them by Buffy, why didn't they avoid her?

    15. How come Giles was the only person in the gang that had a car? And why was it so shit?

    16. And, most importantly, Buffy – if the apocalypse comes, can we please beep you?