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    23 Awesome Vegan Gifts That Will Make You Drool And Laugh

    Because all vegans need a "Child of Seitan" T-shirt and some pet tofu.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. This damn funny mug.

    2. A "child of seitan" shirt, for devilish vegans.

    3. These ridiculously lush chocolate truffles.

    4. This tiny pet tofu.

    5. Bee-friendly vegan honey, which tastes amazing.

    6. This "Unicorn Fart" soy vegan candle.

    7. This hilarious Stranger Things-inspired shirt.

    8. A beautiful cork wallet, because who needs leather?

    9. An apron that vegan Joy Division fans will love.

    10. This colouring book raising money for charity.

    11. This charming vegan symbol necklace.

    12. These delightful, cruelty-free shower gels.

    13. This awesome superfood chocolate snack box.

    14. This fantastic "The Future Is Vegan" pin.

    15. A box of delicious, extra-fancy caramelised chestnuts.

    16. This tote bag in support of animal sentience.

    17. Some gorgeous, artisanal vegan hot chocolate.

    18. These fruity vegan lip balms.

    19. A vegan marshmallow gift box.

    20. This "vegan for all life" bracelet.

    21. This fantastic bag.

    22. A box of utterly stunning, shimmery chocolates.

    23. And this adorable dinosaur charm necklace.