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19 Times Haggis Was The Fucking Worst

There's a place for minced sheep's lungs, but it isn't in ice cream.

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1. When "cocktail haggis" was invented by someone who clearly hadn't seen The Human Centipede 3.

Cocktail haggis. Mildly disturbing.

2. When some utter monster decided to create haggis ice cream, and neeps-and-tatties sorbet.

Read about haggis ice cream & neeps sorbet in the October issue of Scottish Banner.Who said Scottish food was boring?

3. And when it made its way into your hot chocolate like a thief in the night.

Made with Chocolate Tree's haggis chocolate and topped with whipped cream.

4. When someone invented "haggis cake pops" and the world was never the same again.

Ever tried a cake pop? Here's the meat version - Haggis Pops


5. When it ruined Pancake Day by lurking in a crêpe.

6. When this happened.

Incase you were wondering, this is what a haggis salad looks like #healthyeating #scottishstyle

7. And this.

My own recipe haggis on toast with red chilli and spring onion #breakfast

8. And this.

Would anyone like one of my haggis Scones??????? #Yahummy


9. When it ended up in crisps. With whisky.

Haggis and black pepper is one thing. Haggis and whisky? GTFO.

10. When someone thought, "Hey, I know what will make these chocolate truffles tastier! Meat."

11. And when bars of chocolate weren't safe either.

Is this the Scottish Pumpkin Spice? RT @HueySilverFox: Haggis flavour chocolate is now a thing.

12. When the jury was definitely out on this.

13. When it disgraced a pizza with its presence.

Sorry, Italy.

15. When it made its way into innocent spring rolls.

Sorry, China.

16. When it ended up in these nachos.

Sorry, Mexico.


17. And when The Manna House Bakery in Edinburgh hid it in a croissant like a snail in a shell.

Sorry, France.

18. When an Edinburgh pub made this unappealing offer.

19. And finally, when someone ruined perfectly good gin with this haggis cocktail:

A cheeky cocktail for the 25th using @RockRoseGin