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Here Are Some Photos Of Justin Bieber Eating A Deep-Fried Haggis

The singer visited the Blue Lagoon on Argyle Street to sample a haggis supper, which isn't a sentence any Glaswegian thought they'd ever hear.

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As you may or may not know, Justin Bieber recently brought his Purpose tour to Glasgow's SSE Hydro.

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(Not sure if this is part of his show or just Glasgow weather, to be honest.)

After his Saturday night performance, he naturally needed something to eat. But instead of heading to a posh restaurant, he visited the Blue Lagoon.


The one on Argyle Street, to be precise. The Blue Lagoon is a 40-year-old chain of fish 'n' chip shops, and they're a true Glasgow institution, not least because they're open until 5am at weekends. Before visiting the chippy, Bieber reportedly visited a few local pubs as well, as he wanted to experience the "real" Glasgow.

Bieber decided to order deep-fried haggis, which, for non-Scottish readers, is a meat dish made with sheep's heart, liver, lungs, oatmeal, and spices.

Blue Lagoon

No wonder he looks so apprehensive here.

Blue Lagoon owner Alessandro Varese told BuzzFeed News: "Justin came in at around 11pm and ordered a haggis supper (deep-fried haggis and chips), as well as fish and chips, and two battered-sausage suppers for his crew."

Here he is waiting for his food, possibly wondering what on earth he's let himself in for.

Blue Lagoon

"The meals cost around £20 in total," Varese said. "They took around 10 minutes to prepare. Justin was in good spirits, and spent the time chatting with staff members and enjoying their patter, which he seemed to understand." (Bieber has had a bit of trouble understanding accents on this Scottish leg of his tour.)


And here it is, the moment of truth. He takes his first bite of deep-fried haggis...

No knife and fork for Justin: He just picks the haggis up whole and stuffs it into his mouth like he's doing a bushtucker trial on I'm a Celebrity.

...while two young Glaswegian women (thought to be his fans) look on, at a respectful distance.

Blue Lagoon

You can sense the tension in the room. Will Bieber approve of our national dish, or will he think it's horrible? And, most importantly of all, were the chips OK?

His expression is pretty inscrutable here, but according to Varese, he "seemed" to like it. Hooray!

"To be honest, he only had a few bites and didn't finish the whole thing, but he seemed to enjoy it," explains Varese. "He washed it down with a can of Irn-Bru as well. He clearly wanted to sample Glaswegian cuisine." Bieber then wandered off into the night with his crew and managers in the direction of his hotel.

Varese said he feels "impressed" by the singer.

Blue Lagoon

Varese said: "I've never thought much of him, to be honest, but he could have sent someone else to get that food; instead he came down to the chippy and bought it himself. He was cheerful too – he always looks glum on TV. Yeah, he's OK with me."