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    22 Photos That Sum Up The Difference Between Coachella And T In The Park

    "A naked guy has took a shite in someone's tent."

    1. Face paint at Coachella:

    Face paint at TITP:

    2. Campsites at Coachella:

    Campsites at TITP:

    3. Campers at Coachella:

    Michael Buckner / Getty Images

    Campers at TITP:

    4. Outfits at Coachella:

    Matt Cowan / Getty Images

    Outfits at TITP:

    5. Celeb sightings at Coachella:

    Celeb sightings at TITP:

    6. Food at Coachella:

    7. Security staff at Coachella:

    David McNew / Getty

    Security staff at TITP:

    8. Toilets at Coachella:

    Toilets at TITP:

    9. Hanging out with your friends at Coachella:

    Hanging out with your friends at TITP:

    10. Dance tents at Coachella:

    Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images

    Dance tents at TITP:

    Paul Chuckle playing the slam tent this year at T yersss #tinthepark #slamtent

    11. Drunk people at Coachella:

    Drunk people at TITP:

    Ye ken youve had enough when your calling yer maw fae yer shoe! #TITP

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