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21 Times Glaswegians Were Hilarious, OTT, And Extra As Fuck

Glasgow, where going overboard is just a way of life.

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1. When this guy trained a group of crows to follow him and his dog everywhere they go.

"He's usually to be found in Alexandra Park with hundreds of crows around him and his dog sitting patiently." Metal as fuck.


7. And when this woman tried to give CPR to a dead pigeon.

Spoiler alert: She definitely shouldn't quit her day job to become a vet.


14. And when someone decided to sell an "iguana".

Instagram: @laisdavidson

Seems legit.

16. When this wee lad pretended to be an opera singer.

@fraserbrand pretended to be an opera singer to seduce gavins maw

(It's worth sticking the sound on for this one.)