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48 Reasons You Should Stay In Glasgow Forever

Great gigs, good grub and gorgeous scenery. Glasgow really is amazing.

1. Because we have the best street art.

Stephen Fyfe / Via Flickr: sfyfe

We don't need Banksy, we've got Rogue One.

2. Because this is your view on your way to work.

Robert Brown / Via Flickr: 99408200@N05

The Clyde could definitely beat the Thames in a fight.

3. Because there's music everywhere...

Gavin Deas / Via Flickr: emrasta

Would you really want to live in a city where you weren't constantly serenaded by 11 year old buskers?

4. ...and the live venues are second to none.

Michael Gallacher / Via Flickr: mgallacher

As if playing host to legendary wah wah hut King Tut's wasn't enough, we also get the Barrowlands, 02 Academy, 02 ABC, Òran Mór, and the Arches. Amazing.

5. Because Glasgow's quiet lanes are a haven in the heart of the city...

slack12 / Via Flickr: slack12

It's hard to believe that Ruthven Lane is just a stone's throw from busy Byres Road.

6. ...and they look even better at night.

Scottish Dream Photography / Via Flickr: ross_vernal

Ashton Lane has everything you could possibly need for a perfect evening: great bars, amazing restaurants, and - of course - fairy lights.

7. Because the University of Glasgow looks like this...

Chor Ip / Via Flickr: chorip

It's the fourth oldest university in the entire world. Eat your heart out, Edinburgh: sixth oldest is barely even a thing.

8. ...and it has the best café nearby.

Anne / Via Flickr: ilike

This 100-year-old West End institution boasts some great vintage decor and, more importantly, Gino's incredible home made ice cream.

9. Because we have an alien spaceship for a science centre.

wojtekgurak / Via Flickr: wojtekgurak

It looks as if it's about to blast off and land on a comet.

10. Because our botanic garden looks like a crashed UFO.

Sajeel Munir / Via Flickr: sajeel

The truth is out there.

11. Because the nightlife is epic.

Stephen Macleod Blythe / Via Flickr: greenboy

Glasgow boasts some of the UK's finest clubs and attracts the best DJs. You haven't lived until you've sampled Sub Club's legendary Friday night offering Optimo.

12. Because our Pride is the proudest.

Pride Glasgow / Via Flickr: prideglasgow

Pride Glasgow is the biggest annual LGBT event in Scotland.

13. Because it's a vegan and veggie heaven...

euphbass / Via Flickr: euphbass

Glasgow was named the most vegan-friendly city in the UK by PETA thanks to amazing vegetarian bars and cafes like Stereo, Mono, The 78 and The 13th Note.

14. ...and meat eaters are well catered for too.

Pamela Graham / Via Flickr: smoothedoutdrummer

This giant burger at Lebowski's isn't even the biggest on the menu: the plus sized "Big Lebowski" is twice as large. You can read a review of it here.

15. Because we've got a great sense of humour.

16. Because we know how to throw a truly memorable opening ceremony.

Cameron King / Via Flickr: cameronking

"Guys, let's run around with a load of chairs then do a dance with giant Tunnocks Teacakes, because sport."

17. Because there's no other market quite like The Barras.

Greg Neate / Via Flickr: neate_photos

Where else in the world can you buy four hats, three bars of tablet, a two foot long sausage baguette and still have change out of a tenner?

18. Because our cemeteries are stunning...

Daniel Oi / Via Flickr: 48606216@N00

The mausoleum-filled Necropolis is the most beautiful - and creepiest - place in Glasgow.

19. ...and even our bollards are bonny.

20. Because other cities' museums pale in comparison to Kelvingrove.

Micu Radu / Via Flickr: micuradu

Kelvingrove houses works by Salvador Dali, Van Gogh and Rembrandt, multiple stuffed animals, and a Spitfire LA198. Beat that, everywhere else.

21. Because our tube is quirky, clean, quick, cheap...

Jocelyn Durston / Via Flickr: jocelyndurston

22. ...and our tube map's really simple too.

Martin Deutsch / Via Flickr: teflon

Who needs a messy network of branching lines when you could just go in a nice tidy circle?

23. Because you're never more than an hour or two away from scenery like this...

Simon Bowen / Via Flickr: simonbowen

This is the Isle of Arran as seen from Bute, just 90 minutes away from Clydebank.

24. ...or this.

Robert Brown / Via Flickr: 99408200@N05

♫ Whaur me an' my true love will ne'er meet again, on the bonnie, bonnie banks o' Loch Lomond ♫

25. Because you can't beat the glow of warm, red stone welcoming you home.

Bob The Lomond / Via Flickr: bobthelomond

Edinburgh and Aberdeen can keep their grey rocks and granite: sandstone is where it's at.

26. Because we know how to make a good cuppa.

Robert and Talbot Trudeau / Via Flickr: robert_trudeau

Quirky Czech cafe Tchai Ovna sells 80 varieties of tea, the stunning Willow Tea Rooms were designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and the Hidden Lane Tearoom is a wee gem.

27. Because our School of Art is a work of art in its own right.

Holly Hayes / Via Flickr: sacred_destinations

The School of Art's beautiful Mackintosh building was badly damaged by fire earlier this year. You can donate to the rebuilding appeal here.

28. Because the weather might be cold...

Stuart Crawford / Via Flickr: potatojunkie

29. ...but the welcome is always warm.

Tamara Polajnar / Via Flickr: tamtam

30. Because our parks are heavenly.

Jean-Pierre Dalbéra / Via Flickr: dalbera

This is the Victorian walled garden at Bellahouston Park, next to the sumptuous House For An Art Lover designed by Rennie Mackintosh.

31. Because we have festivals all year round...

Kevin McDonnell / Via Flickr: milknosugar

...instead of trying to have about 100 all in one month. I'm looking at you, Edinburgh.

32. Because no bookshop in the entire world can compare to Voltaire and Rousseau.

Anne / Via Flickr: ilike

It is a truth universally acknowledged that 40-year-old bookshop Voltaire and Rousseau sells every single book ever published.

33. Because the City Chambers look like they were designed by Escher.

ELVIN / Via Flickr: 25228175@N08

Hang on... is that David Bowie up there?

34. Because the Kelvin Walkway makes it easy to escape the city.

Huxley_Slides / Via Flickr: 75167199@N05

35. Because you get goosebumps when you hear the Hampden crowd roar.

Simon Varwell / Via Flickr: simonvarwell

Though it's even better if you're actually there, of course. 'MON SCOTLAND!

36. Because our shipbuilding industry transformed the world.

John ED76 / Via Flickr: bodgerbrooks

As did our engineering, industrial machinery, bridge building, garment-making, leather processing, furniture-making, printing, and publishing industries. So there.

37. Because our bridges are prettier than Venice's, especially at night.

Jordi / Via Flickr: parrita

Who needs the Bridge of Sighs? We've got the Bridge of Ayes.

38. Because it's Christmas all year round in Royal Exchange Square.

Via Flickr: jeremybailey

It's like shopping in Santa's grotto.

39. Because Glasgow is the very best place to be in Spring.

Via Flickr: 22087304@N07

Cherry blossoms in Kelvingrove Park, crocuses in the Botanics, geraniums at Pollok House... it's the finest (and most colourful) time of year.

40. Because taxis don't cost an arm and a leg.

srose15 / Via Flickr: 34005137@N05

You can travel across the city for under a tenner. It's almost cheaper than walking.

41. Because the People have their very own Palace...

David Villa / Via Flickr: davilla

"A palace of pleasure and imagination around which the people may place their affections and which may give them a home on which their memory may rest."

42. ...and the Citizens have a Theatre.

Helen Cassidy / Via Flickr: spikeyhelen

The Citz is based in the Gorbals and is committed to engaging with the local community. Local kids get reduced rate tickets and access to free workshops.

43. Because who needs a castle when you've got the Hydro?

Stevie Spiers / Via Flickr: stevies_snaps

After all, you can't host the MTV EMAs in a castle.

44. Because Glasgow is broad, braw, and beautiful...

Cameron King / Via Flickr: cameronking

All cities should be as spacious and leafy as Glesga.

45. ...stylish...

Brian Smith / Via Flickr: delphwynd

Merchant City is home to the UK's first Versace store. Sorry, London.

46. ...grand...

Via Flickr: haveacupoftea

We're literally tripping over old banks and majestic Georgian buildings over here.

47. ...and (most importantly) fun.

Phyllis Buchanan / Via Flickr: pgautier

Are those sleeves regulation length, officer?

48. Admit it: Glasgow has ruined you for life with its stunning parks, fantastic festivals and great food. You'll never love another city again.

Graham Campbell / Via Flickr: gj_thewhite

Here's the bell that never rang, and here's the fish that never swam, here's to the bird that never flew, from off the tree that never grew. Hurrah! Let Glasgow Flourish.

H/T to Sean Gilligan from Trongate Tesco Express, also to Ian Dunn, Suz Gibson, Mads Mitchell and Paul J. Cortopassi.