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48 Reasons You Should Stay In Glasgow Forever

Great gigs, good grub and gorgeous scenery. Glasgow really is amazing.

1. Because we have the best street art.

2. Because this is your view on your way to work.

3. Because there's music everywhere...

4. ...and the live venues are second to none.

5. Because Glasgow's quiet lanes are a haven in the heart of the city...

6. ...and they look even better at night.

7. Because the University of Glasgow looks like this...

8. ...and it has the best café nearby.

9. Because we have an alien spaceship for a science centre.

10. Because our botanic garden looks like a crashed UFO.

11. Because the nightlife is epic.

12. Because our Pride is the proudest.

13. Because it's a vegan and veggie heaven...

14. ...and meat eaters are well catered for too.

15. Because we've got a great sense of humour.

16. Because we know how to throw a truly memorable opening ceremony.

17. Because there's no other market quite like The Barras.

18. Because our cemeteries are stunning...

19. ...and even our bollards are bonny.

20. Because other cities' museums pale in comparison to Kelvingrove.

21. Because our tube is quirky, clean, quick, cheap...

22. ...and our tube map's really simple too.

23. Because you're never more than an hour or two away from scenery like this...

24. ...or this.

25. Because you can't beat the glow of warm, red stone welcoming you home.

26. Because we know how to make a good cuppa.

27. Because our School of Art is a work of art in its own right.

28. Because the weather might be cold...

29. ...but the welcome is always warm.

30. Because our parks are heavenly.

31. Because we have festivals all year round...

32. Because no bookshop in the entire world can compare to Voltaire and Rousseau.

33. Because the City Chambers look like they were designed by Escher.

34. Because the Kelvin Walkway makes it easy to escape the city.

35. Because you get goosebumps when you hear the Hampden crowd roar.

36. Because our shipbuilding industry transformed the world.

37. Because our bridges are prettier than Venice's, especially at night.

38. Because it's Christmas all year round in Royal Exchange Square.

39. Because Glasgow is the very best place to be in Spring.

40. Because taxis don't cost an arm and a leg.

41. Because the People have their very own Palace...

42. ...and the Citizens have a Theatre.

43. Because who needs a castle when you've got the Hydro?

44. Because Glasgow is broad, braw, and beautiful...

45. ...stylish...

46. ...grand...

47. ...and (most importantly) fun.

48. Admit it: Glasgow has ruined you for life with its stunning parks, fantastic festivals and great food. You'll never love another city again.

H/T to Sean Gilligan from Trongate Tesco Express, also to Ian Dunn, Suz Gibson, Mads Mitchell and Paul J. Cortopassi.