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Jan 28, 2015

25 Reasons Glasgow Is The Gayest City In The UK

A city for all.

1. Because Glasgow Film Theatre is the very best place to take in a queer classic (or two).

Stuart Crawford / Via Flickr: potatojunkie

Scotland's premier queer arts collective Lock Up Your Daughters run monthly film screenings at GFT. Camp classics + a listed 1930s art deco building = heaven.

2. Because the 'gay village' looks like this...

Tony Webster / Via Flickr: diversey

Glasgow is gay all over, but it's great that there are such a high concentration of fantastic gay bars and clubs in the prettiest part of the city.

3. Because Delmonicas is the best place to let your hair down on a Friday night...

4. ...and you always get a warm welcome.

5. ...but if you want something more high-octane, there's always MENERGY.

MENERGY- headed up by Glasgow drag legend Lady Munter- is Glasgow's premier (and loudest) drag queen revue.

6. Because there's something for everyone.

Flying Duck / Via Facebook: flyingduckclub

Not a fan of long queues and Kylie? No problem. There's always LUYD's alterna-queer club nights, which often take place at The Flying Duck.

7. In fact, there's so much going on that it's sometimes impossible to choose.

Pride Glasgow / Via Flickr: prideglasgow

"Shall I join Sheboom, go on a Camp Fitness run or join the gay football club?"

It's like living in a year-round LGBTQI Freshers' Fair.

8. Because it's one of the most fashionable cities in the UK.

Via Flickr: bethmoon527

Buchanan, Argyle and Sauchiehall Street are packed with designer labels, not to mention urban chic chains like Superdry and high fashion retailers. You'll never look anything less than fabulous (just like the peacock on top of Princes Square).

9. Because Glasgow Pride is the biggest - and wettest- pride event in Scotland.

It might always rain on our parade, but that doesn't stop us having a great time.

10. ...but even Pride can't hold a candle to Glasgay!


Glasgay! is like Pride times infinity plus one. This annual dance, music, film, comedy and everything else festival is so good it makes all other LGBT festivals jealous.

11. Because even the cabs are gay friendly.

12. ...and the bridges...

13. ...and the bollards...

Jayson Lorenzen / Via Flickr: jaysonlorenzen

14. ...and (most importantly) the churches.

Metropolitan Community Church in Glasgow / Via Facebook: MCCinGlasgow

Well, one church anyway. MCC Glasgow is a Christian LGBT church based in Ibrox. It's part of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches, a movement founded in Los Angeles in the 1960s.

15. Because it's sprawling, gorgeous and - above all- spacious.

Graham Campbell / Via Flickr: gj_thewhite

...which means you won't constantly bump into your exes (I'm looking at you, Edinburgh and Brighton).

16. Because John Barrowman.

BBC Scotland / Via

Where else in the UK would this have happened during a major, televised sporting opening ceremony? Glasgow is so gay. *waves rainbow flag*

17. Because the art scene is incredible....

18. ...and so is the architecture.

Holly Hayes / Via Flickr: sacred_destinations

This is the Mackintosh building at the School of Art, just one of many Rennie Mackintosh-designed buildings in the city. One of his most beautiful creations is the sumptuous House for an Art Lover, which hosts civil weddings.

19. Because you're never far from an amazing gig.

The Arches / Via Flickr: thearches

Glasgow hosts vast numbers of artists each year, from legendary divas like Lady Gaga to queer indie faves like Belle and Sebastian and (of course) Lip Service star/lesbian music icon Heather Peace.

20. Because Glasgow Uni is the most gay friendly University in Scotland.

Ianan / Via Flickr: ianan

Glasgow University met all ten of the benchmarks in Stonewall's 2015 gay friendly university guide. Also, it looks gorgeous (although that wasn't one of the criteria).

21. Because it's the vegan capital of the UK.

Katherine / Via Flickr: chatiryworld

I’m not saying all gay people are vegan (or even veggie) but it's good to have the option. Plus, once you’ve tried the vegan chilli tacos at Stereo you'll probably decide to convert.

22. Because one of the best cocktail bars in the city just happens to be gay.

Pamela Graham / Via Flickr: smoothedoutdrummer

Laid back, prohibition-themed gay bar Speakeasy regularly makes it onto lists of the best cocktail bars in the city. It's the perfect place to get elegantly wasted while listening to camp pop classics.

23. ...but if you really want to impress your date, take them to the Corinthian Club.

Via Flickr: 8592508@N04

The Corinthian Club- housed in the lavishly decorated Victorian Glasgow and Ship Bank building- is pretty much the most majestic bar/restaurant in the world. If Liberace were still alive, he'd live here.

24. Though if that's out of your budget, there's always The Polo Lounge.

25. Because Glasgow is the greatest city in the UK, and it's for everyone.

Shaun Woods / Via Flickr: shaunwoods

Whether you're gay, straight, bi, queer, intersex, asexual, trans or label free, Glasgow is where it's at. No matter what your background or interests, there's something for everyone. It's welcoming, vibrant, fashionable, gorgeous, funky, integrated, alternative and exciting.

Glasgow isn't just gay friendly; it's the best place to be if you're LGBT.

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