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    26 Photos That Sum Up The Differences Between Scotland And Australia

    Deep-fried Creme Eggs FTW.

    1. Barbecues in Australia:

    Barbecues in Scotland:

    2. Beaches in Australia:

    Beaches in Scotland:

    3. Storms in Australia:

    Storms in Scotland:

    Hurricane bawbag round 2... We will rebuild

    4. Snowmen in Australia:

    Snowmen in Scotland:

    5. Milkshakes in Australia:

    Milkshakes in Scotland:

    6. Fun water activities in Australia:

    Fun water activities in Scotland:

    Here is a guy vacuuming up a puddle with a dyson. Glasgow is full of surprises.

    7. Outdoor drinking in Australia:

    Outdoor drinking in Scotland:

    8. Outdoor dining in Australia:

    Outdoor dining in Scotland:

    10 degrees spring is here. Govan's Gregg's has got the street furniture out. You could swear you were in Barcelona.

    9. Wildlife in Australia:

    Wildlife in Scotland:

    10. Snacks in Australia:

    Snacks in Scotland:

    11. Anti-terrorism measures in Australia:

    Joosep Martinson / Getty Images

    Anti-terrorism measures in Scotland:

    12. Tattoos in Australia:

    Tattoos in Scotland:

    13. Landmarks in Australia:

    Twitter: @ArtyBagger / Creative Commons

    Landmarks in Scotland:

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