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    12 Scottish Photos That Will Shock You, And 12 That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

    Scotland is a land of sweeping, hilarious contrasts.

    1. Firstly, boggle at this deeply weird Tinder message.

    Twitter: @Briagrimshaw

    That seems...impractical.

    Now soothe your soul by checking out this hero.

    Twitter: @NicolaMcGregorx

    The OG Spiderman.

    2. Take a look at this truly misguided tattoo.

    But this sweet grandad got things right, so it's OK.

    3. Feel deeply sorry for bride-to-be Beccy.

    Facebook: Humansofthesesh

    (At least its a nice ring).

    It's OK though, Scottish romance isn't dead. Look!

    4. This sign is just childish, frankly.

    Twitter: @OotYerNutatT

    Also, how did that person get their bum so high in the air?

    But this one proves Scottish people aren't buttheads.

    Well played, sir.

    5. These crap catchphrases and bits of graffiti don't make the world a better place.

    Twitter: @asshmain

    Especially the one that just says "slags".

    But we can come up with truly inspired ones at times.

    6. Try not to let your jaw hit the floor when you see this.

    Now, take your mind off that last photo with this sweet old cat, spotted in the Scottish Borders.

    She will definitely not be turned into furniture when she passes away.

    7. Wonder WTF could have caused this pensioner to shout a load of shit at a train station.

    It's OK though, because this is how Glasgow celebrates Pride.

    8. Wonder what the actual fuck happened here.

    Twitter: @euan_mcelwee

    Worst. Superhero. Ever.

    Now, celebrate the honesty of this traveler.

    9. Shake your head sadly at this decline in customer service standards at a Scottish salon.

    Now, cheer this hotel worker for going the extra mile.

    What a lovely face to wake up to.

    10. This really isn't what you want to see when you're walking your dog on a summer morning.

    But this is.


    11. This uncharitable gesture will leave you confused.

    Twitter: @scottishsun

    That's no way to treat Morag's victoria sponge.

    But this one definitely won't.

    Wee legends.

    12. Pissing on the Trump International sign in Aberdeen isn't a particularly clever way to protest, IMO.

    But this sign is.

    Twitter: @MattLangham

    "Wotsit Hitler". Amazing.

    Scotland, you are a weird, fantastic place.

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