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    20 People From Edinburgh Who Are Way Funnier Than You, Sorry

    "Do u no just look at your pals and wonder how stupidity hasny killed them yet?"

    1. Whoever came up with this chippy name.

    *Childhood instantly destroyed*

    2. Edinburgh Twitter legend Princess of Wifi.

    3. Author and wind-up merchant Ian Rankin.

    Finally got a letter printed in The Times...

    4. And Trainspotting badass Irvine Welsh.

    5. Edinburgh-born duvet wrangler Manytypesoftea.

    CHANGING YOUR DUVET COVER -remember to use your energy sparingly. It's a marathon, not a sprint -make sure you stay hydrated -don't panic

    6. Anthropologist / author / badass Elizabeth.

    men: "how do i approach a girl with headphones on?" You wait until she's finished consuming the entrails of men who have tried before you.

    7. These disgruntled homeowners.

    8. Kieran.

    Do u no just look at your pals and wonder how they've made it this far in life and how stupidity hasny killed them yet

    9. This inspired graffiti artist.

    10. The fantastic Mr Fox.

    11. Literally everyone who works at this pub.

    12. The creator of this very literal sign.

    13. Laura.

    14. Cycling legend (and patter-merchant) Chris Hoy.

    15. Moyzi, who summed up what everyone was thinking.

    16. Author and man-expert Matt.

    10,000-character tweets would be used almost exclusively by men replying to women who don’t know them.

    17. The genius behind this Trump-themed coffee stall.

    18. And this excellent anti-Trump protestor.

    19. Joe, a.k.a. the funniest dad on Twitter.

    20. And finally this guy, who's clearly very honest.

    Twitter: @Rauss_Mc

    Yep, Edinburgh folk are definitely the funniest. Your move, Glasgow.

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