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31 Photos That Will Make You Want To Drop Everything And Go To The Edinburgh Festival

Getting on a train right now.

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1. The Edinburgh Festival is an incredible mix of comedy, arts, theatre, music, and dance.

2. It takes place every August...

3. ... and it's undeniably awesome.

The Harmonium Project, Edinburgh International Festival 2015.

4. Fun fact: "Edinburgh Festival" is actually an umbrella term for several different festivals.

6. It's the go-to festival for contemporary and classic theatre, opera, world music, and dance.

It's classy AF, basically.

7. Then there's the Edinburgh Book Festival...

Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin appeared last year.

8. ...the Fringe...

The Fringe started as an offshoot of the International Festival, but is now the largest arts festival on Earth. It includes comedy, theatre, musicals, and children's shows.


9. ... and Edinburgh Art Festival.

Showing new work by international, Scottish, and UK artists. This beautiful, colourful piece is "Unrequited Love Letters" by Juliana Capes .

10. Oh, and don't forget the Military Tattoo.

It's basically the most Scottish thing on Earth.

11. Street performers deserve their own festival too.

After all, it's not easy to pretend to be a [whatever this is] all day.

12. There are so many of them that you can't move without tripping over someone on a unicycle.

Bonus points if they're #tapsaff.


13. In fact, you can't go anywhere at all without seeing weird and wonderful sights.

As well as dangerous ones.

14. Some of which are weirder than others.

Oppa Grandma Style.

15. Plus you're constantly running into celebrities.

"OMG, it's Dave Benson Phillips." "Ask him if you can Get Your Own Back."

16. If all the excitement makes you hungry, there's plenty of amazing street food.

Beef hash from Barnacles & Bones.


17. And you can enjoy it in glorious purpose-built garden spaces like this.

18. In fact, all of the venues are flipping gorgeous.

The castle-like Gilded Balloon is usually Edinburgh University's student union.

19. There's the Pleasance Courtyard...

Another university building.

20. ...the Pleasance Dome...

Also a student union. Show-offs.


21. ...the Underbelly...

Often described as "a kind of vertical Glastonbury."

22. ... the Udderbelly...

Or, as it's more usually known: "The giant upside-down purple cow." 🐮

23. ...Assembly...

Also known as Edinburgh University's soaring, Gothic New College.


25. Not to mention endless tucked-away nooks, crannies, tents, bars, closes, even living rooms.

Basically every single available space in Edinburgh turns into a venue in August.

26. These venues are packed with world music...

27. ...circus, dance, and physical theatre...

Something at the Gilded Balloon.


29. It's enough to make your head spin.

30. And if all of that wasn't enough, it ends with one of the most spectacular fireworks concerts on Earth.

31. In short: Don't you wish you were here?

Enjoy your new #travelgoal.