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21 Faces Everyone Who Works With Students Will Recognise

No you can't have an extension.

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1. The "I Can't Believe How Young This Year's Intake Of Students Looks" face: / Dreamworks Pictures

2. The "It's The Day Before The New Academic Year Starts" face: / New Line Cinema

3. The "You've Just Answered The Same Obvious Question 3000 Times In One Day" face:


4. The "No Students Showed Up To The Useful Event You Spent Weeks Organising" face:

5. The "A Homesick Student Just Started Crying In Your Office" face:


6. The "My Students Didn't Get The Hilarious '90s Pop Culture Reference I Just Made" face: / Film4 Productions

7. The "There's A Ton Of Leftover Food After A Freshers' Week Event" face:

8. The "Someone Just Asked Me What I'm Studying: I Must Look Young" face:


9. The "A Student Just Sent Me A Facebook Friend Request" face: / AMC

10. The "No You Can't Have An Essay Extension Just Because You Had A Headache Last Tuesday" face: / NBC

11. The "A Student Is Complaining They Weren't Told About Something They Were Emailed About" face. / NBC

12. The "An 18-Year-Old Student Is Complaining About How Hard Their Life Is" face:

13. The "A Student Just Shared Something Way Too Intimate On Facebook" face:

14. The "You Just Remembered There's A University Open Day Tomorrow" face:

15. The "And You Have To Run An Student Information Stand" face:

16. The "You Have To Tell A Really Nice Student That They're Failing The Course" face:


17. The "A Student Just Started Talking About Their Gap Year" face:

18. The "One Of Your Students Just Made A Really Bad Life Choice" face: / BBC

19. The "How Can I Possibly Have This Many Exams/Assessments/Forms Left To Mark?" face:

Warner Bros.

20. The "You Got Attached To These Students And Now They're Graduating" face:

21. The "It's Summer: You Don't Have To Talk To Students For Three Months" face:

Congratulations: You survived another year.
Warner Bros.

Congratulations: You survived another year.