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19 Food Quirks Scottish People Don't Realise Are Super Weird

We do some fucking strange things to our pies.

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1. Having chips with pizza...

Twitter: @scottishriver24

Deep-frying pizza isn't actually a Scottish idea, they actually do it in Italy too and call it "pizza fritta". But no self-respecting Italian would pair a pizza with chips.

3. Putting pasta and/or potatoes in pies...

Twitter: @imogenwalsh / Twitter: @starbaby359

We do like a bit of stodge in Scotland. It helps to keep us warm when it's blowing a hooley outside. Also, macaroni cheese pies are the food of the gods, honest.

6. Eating tinned pies.

It's a quick, tasty, and easy meal when you're in a hurry, even if the pale, uncooked pastry does look a bit like a dead person's bumcheek before it goes in the oven.

8. Buying pre-battered food in supermarkets.

Twitter: @junedogrichard

You can get battered haggis too. It might seem gross, but when you put it in the oven the batter returns to its former noble, hot, crisp, and greasy state. Honest.

9. Eating "well-fired" rolls.

Flickr: viralbus / Creative Commons / Twitter: @alawevans / BuzzFeed

OK, so these ones are a bit overdone. They should be brown and crispy and make an amazing crackling sound when you fill them with bacon and bite into them. Mmmmm.

10. Serving takeaways in pizza boxes.

And not just one takeaway, multiple types of takeaway, all jumbled up into one glorious, greasy, spicy, carby, hangover-busting mess. Get in my face.

11. Giant weekend breakfasts.

People just don't do this sort of thing in other countries, mainly because they don't have as bad a hangover as we do on a Sunday. They're missing out.

12. And having breakfast for dinner.

Twitter: @markperfect93

What's better than one breakfast? Two in a day. And yer maw would call it a "cowboy tea" to try and trick you into thinking it was definitely an evening meal.

14. ...and putting it in desserts (like cranachan). / Creative Commons

What's better than cream, toasted oats, and raspberries? Cream, toasted oats, and raspberries with shedloads of Glenmorangie poured all over it. Amazing.

15. Coating everything in coconut. / Creative Commons

Snowballs, caramel logs, macaroons...why do we have so many coconut-based sweets and treats? They're not exactly a native Scottish plant, after all.

16. Eating mashed-up meat from a mug.

Twitter: @BrewDogAberdeen

Stovies in a mug are one of the great pleasures in life. It's a bit hard to explain the appeal of a load of mashed-up food in a cup to outsiders, though.

19. And, of course, pretending bread rolls are cakes.

Twitter: @skyemclauchlin_

An iced bun was always a treat at school, providing the dinner ladies had been generous with the icing and sprinkles.

If not, it was just a dry, sad, disappointing bread torpedo. :(

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