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18 Scottish Hangover Brunches That Will Blow Your Damn Mind

From Dunfermline to Dundee, here's what to eat (and where) if you're hingin'.

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1. A chicken masala naanwich and a ginger and turmeric juice at Babu in Glasgow.

Because the spicy, carby, oniony masala sandwich at this hip Indian street kitchen will satisfy your grease cravings, and the zingy ginger and turmeric juice will settle your stomach afterwards.

2. Currywurst with garlic mayo at the Old Inn in Dunfermline.

Because the fried bockwurst will fill you up, the curry sauce will delight your tastebuds, and onions are one of your five a day. Meathammer Ltd. (the resident chefs) also do giant burgers if you think you can manage more.


7. Cheese steak quesadillas and a slice of cake at Tea Jenny's in Falkirk.

Because this amazing tea room bakes some of the most impressive cakes in Scotland, and their steak quesadillas hit just the right note of spicy vs creamy, so they won't upset your delicate constitution.


14. A Bloody Mary and huevos rancheros at Vin'Yard 28 in Glasgow.

Because the mighty Bloody Mary is the most tried-and-tested hangover cure of all time. It's even more effective when combined with huevos rancheros: fried eggs cooked with spicy salsa and served with tortillas and bacon.

15. Flatbread and fries at The Meridian in Ayr.

Because The Meridian is great value. Plus you can try to kid yourself that you're not actually eating pizza for breakfast. "It's healthy, it's just a flatbread...covered in pesto, goat cheese, and ham." Also, their sweet potato fries are carbs in their purest form.

16. A stacked club sandwich at Toast in Stirling.

Because cutting a hole in the top of a chicken and bacon sandwich and sticking a poached egg in it is basically Peak Brunch. Plus it's gluten-free, and the calm, cool, stylish surroundings will soothe your headache.

17. A beetroot and ginger smoothie and a superfood granola bowl at Foodstory in Aberdeen.

Because there's no better antidote to a night of horrific excess than downing a vitamin-packed smoothie, then eating a hell of a lot of superfoods at an organic cafe. It'll help you kid yourself that your liver is recovering.