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21 Photos That Will Make All Scots Say "Get Tae Fuck"

£7.50 for a wee glass of wine? Bolt.

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1. This sorry excuse for a portion of chips.

@VirginTrains bought these on the 9-30 glasgow to london. Revolting rip off

2. This "full Scottish breakfast".

Is that... a fucking lemon?

Is that... a fucking lemon?

3. The price of this wee glass of wine.

#Dynamo #Edinburgh £7.50 for this tiny wine?! #bargain or #rip-off? Show better be worth it!

You can buy a full bottle of Buckfast for that.

4. This method of serving coffee in Edinburgh.

Mini-shopping-trolley idiocy at a pop-up artisan coffee stall in Edinburgh's Waverley Market. (Pic: Odran Doherty)

5. And this sausage and mash "dish" in Glasgow.

@WeWantPlates from Glasgow - sausage and mash?

6. This deeply offensive roll and slice.

Salad? GTFO.

Salad? GTFO.

7. And the sheer shock of being charged £5 for this.

This is what £5 gets you at Edinburgh's Christmas, @edinburghpaper @Edinburgh_CC #ripoff #edinburghchristmas

It looks like a jobby in a bun.

8. This £2 "salad".

#pizzaexpress rip off £2 for rocket tiny box & we watch chef throw it from one box to another edinburgh morningside

Bolt, ya rocket.

9. This bottle of whisky.

What the hell is the point?

What the hell is the point?

10. This fucked-about-with Burns supper.

A lamb veloute, @HendricksginUK haggis, wrapped around neep purée & cheese with a panko & tatty crumb #BurnsNight 👌

11. And this travesty served in a half pint glass.

."@AmyJess85: @WeWantPlates delightful offer in Glasgow Central Station #NoThanks #WeWantPlates ”

At least gies us a full pint.

12. This £4.35 pint of Tennent's at Glasgow Airport.

Instagram: @captaincalimari

That's just not good enough, Danielle.

13. And every single beer on this menu.

Ooh @cloudwaterbrew IPA on the menu in Timberyard #Edinburgh

Barley whit?

14. The BBC getting our national anthem wrong.

BBC subtitle #fail #rugby #BBCSixNations #6Nations Scotland!

You'd think the fact it's in Welsh would be a bit of a giveaway.

15. Not to mention the name of our entire country.

The United Kingdom of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Oh, and Scott Munn. #SubtitleFail

"Flower of Scott Munn / When will we see / Your like again?"

16. This Edinburgh pop-up bar.

Absinthe bar in a horse box by the Meadows. #edfringe #twitter

Which has definitely reached peak hipster. Also, is that chair wearing a coat?

17. Banksy.

Banksy in bonnybrig, get tae fuck ya walloper

18. Tesco deciding to rename one of our most treasured national dishes.



19. This national disgrace.

Is a Saltire emoji too much to ask for?

Is a Saltire emoji too much to ask for?

20. The kids' options at this Edinburgh food stall.

Edinburgh? A bit middle-class? Surely not! #EdFringe #fishfingersbegone

Merguez sausage? Crudites? Do one.

21. And, of course, this £3.20 bacon and egg roll from Edinburgh Airport.

Get. Tae. Actual. Fuck.

Get. Tae. Actual. Fuck.