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21 Photos That Will Make All Scots Say "Get Tae Fuck"

£7.50 for a wee glass of wine? Bolt.

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1. This sorry excuse for a portion of chips.

@VirginTrains bought these on the 9-30 glasgow to london. Revolting rip off

3. The price of this wee glass of wine.

#Dynamo #Edinburgh £7.50 for this tiny wine?! #bargain or #rip-off? Show better be worth it!

You can buy a full bottle of Buckfast for that.

4. This method of serving coffee in Edinburgh.

Mini-shopping-trolley idiocy at a pop-up artisan coffee stall in Edinburgh's Waverley Market. (Pic: Odran Doherty)


5. And this sausage and mash "dish" in Glasgow.

@WeWantPlates from Glasgow - sausage and mash?

7. And the sheer shock of being charged £5 for this.

This is what £5 gets you at Edinburgh's Christmas, @edinburghpaper @Edinburgh_CC #ripoff #edinburghchristmas

It looks like a jobby in a bun.

8. This £2 "salad".

#pizzaexpress rip off £2 for rocket tiny box & we watch chef throw it from one box to another edinburgh morningside

Bolt, ya rocket.


10. This fucked-about-with Burns supper.

A lamb veloute, @HendricksginUK haggis, wrapped around neep purée & cheese with a panko & tatty crumb #BurnsNight 👌

11. And this travesty served in a half pint glass.

."@AmyJess85: @WeWantPlates delightful offer in Glasgow Central Station #NoThanks #WeWantPlates ”

At least gies us a full pint.

12. This £4.35 pint of Tennent's at Glasgow Airport.

Instagram: @captaincalimari

That's just not good enough, Danielle.


13. And every single beer on this menu.

Ooh @cloudwaterbrew IPA on the menu in Timberyard #Edinburgh

Barley whit?

14. The BBC getting our national anthem wrong.

BBC subtitle #fail #rugby #BBCSixNations #6Nations Scotland!

You'd think the fact it's in Welsh would be a bit of a giveaway.

15. Not to mention the name of our entire country.

The United Kingdom of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Oh, and Scott Munn. #SubtitleFail

"Flower of Scott Munn / When will we see / Your like again?"

16. This Edinburgh pop-up bar.

Absinthe bar in a horse box by the Meadows. #edfringe #twitter

Which has definitely reached peak hipster. Also, is that chair wearing a coat?


17. Banksy.

Banksy in bonnybrig, get tae fuck ya walloper

20. The kids' options at this Edinburgh food stall.

Edinburgh? A bit middle-class? Surely not! #EdFringe #fishfingersbegone

Merguez sausage? Crudites? Do one.