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18 Times Scotland's Female Politicians Gave Literally Zero Fucks

Nicola Sturgeon, Ruth Davidson, and Mhairi Black have got no time for your shit.

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1. When Nicola Sturgeon shut down a journalist who had the cheek to comment on her outfit.

@skydavidblevins oh no, male journalist and male politician wear same suit!! :-)

David: “LOL look Nicola Sturgeon and UTV deputy political editor Tracey Magee own the same outfit!”

Nicola: “Really, David? Really?”

2. When Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson took the piss out of every other politician in the UK.

Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

(Crabb was a "traditional values" Conservative candidate who opposed equal marriage and was later implicated in a sexting scandal.)


4. When Ruth nailed a penalty.

Where's Ruth Davidson when you need someone to take a penalty? #POL #POR

Nailed it to heck.

7. When Ruth had no time for fellow Tory Angela Leadsom's comments about motherhood.

I am childless. I have nieces and nephews. I believe I - like everyone else - have a very real stake in our country.


8. And when she stuck up for Labour politician Angela Eagle.

I don't care who you are - in public office or a private citizen - or what your politics are. This abuse is not on.


11. When Nicola joined forces with Plaid Cymru's Leanne Wood to verbally batter Nigel Farage.

*bam* *kapow* *thwack*

12. And when she gave Dave Cameron the most savage side-eye the world has ever seen.

if I've learnt anything in life, when you get that look from a Scottish women, you're fucked and not in a good way.

Because we're powerful, noble, poetic land mermaids who shouldn't have to hide our true feelings.

13. When Nicola helped a guy propose to his boyfriend.

...Paul (seen here on one knee) asked me to deliver his marriage proposal to Ian on his behalf 2/3...

It's all in a day's work for the first minister.

14. When Ruth casually flicked some v's at a photographer.

Ruth Davidson and Sarah Wollaston are my 2 favourite politicians. God is cruel for making them Tory

"I literally do not give a fucking shit." – Ruth Davidson, probably


18. When Nicola tweeted this truly inspiring message to young women everywhere.

Politics aside - I hope girls everywhere look at this photograph and believe nothing should be off limits for them.

19. And, most importantly of all, when Ruth sat on a buffalo.

Facebook: video.php

Because she is a strong, independent woman and she can do ANYTHING she wants. And also because Scotland is weird.