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    Sep 17, 2015

    Going To A Scottish University Vs Going To An English University

    Free tuition? Hell yeah.

    1. In Scotland, you can go to university after Highers, which means Scottish freshers are often just 17.

    Whereas after A-levels most English pupils are 18, which means freshers' week is officially shit student club time.

    2. This means that the average Scottish student in English halls will feel a bit like a little kid.

    Whereas if you're an English student in Scottish halls, you'll inevitably feel a bit like everyone's mum or dad.

    3. Because Scottish students go to uni a year earlier, the average Scottish degree lasts four years.

    While English degrees are a pocket-sized three years.

    4. But that extra year doesn't mean extra debt for Scottish students, as tuition is totally free.

    But if you go to an English university, tuition fees are extra bricks in your wall of student debt.

    5. If you do a four-year Scottish honours course, you'll come out of it with a shiny MA degree.

    But most English BAs have an equivalent value (and are just as difficult) as a Scottish MA.

    6. If you do English lit at a Scottish university, you'll probably come face to face with this guy at least once.

    Whereas English English lit courses are all about Shakespeare, particularly in first year.

    7. Depending on where you go to uni in Scotland, your student house is more likely to be a student tenement.

    In England, big student houses are more common than flats, which means one thing: Epic, huge parties.

    8. At Scottish universities, you have to learn new ways of coping with the icy cold of student winters.

    While at English universities, you're seen as a bit weird if you wrap up warm to go clubbing.

    9. In Scotland, Burns Night makes going back to uni in January almost bearable.

    While in England, the January term is really bleak, especially if you spent loads of money over Christmas.

    10. At Scottish unis, pre-loading usually involves Irn-Bru, whisky, Buckfast, or a mixture of the three.

    Whereas English students have to get their boozy caffeine fix another way.

    11. Every Scottish student night out will feature at least one guy wearing an outfit like this.

    While every English student night out features at least one person wearing a onesie for absolutely no logical reason.

    12. Drinking in public is illegal in Scotland, so if you want a boozy end-of-year student picnic you have to get creative.

    But in England you can sit outside with a big bottle of £6.49 Lidl prosecco like the king or queen of Studentland.

    13. At Scottish universities, the biggest night of the year is usually the end-of-term ceilidh.

    But in England, you're more likely to end your year at a fancy ball, usually with an equally fancy entrance fee.

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