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53 Reasons Living In Edinburgh Ruins You For Life

Great food, beautiful views, and incredible New Year's Eve parties. What more could you want?

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5. Because the universities are among the best in the world...

Kay Williams / Via Flickr: 23351536@N07

Edinburgh University is ranked as the 17th best university in the 2014–15 QS rankings. And it's the sixth oldest university on the planet.

7. Because our shopping centres know their place.

Graeme Pow / Via Flickr: graeme_pow

Who wants a branch of The Body Shop or New Look blocking their view? Better to keep them neatly tucked away underground.

9. Because the pubs are truly historic, wonderfully unique...

Tom Parnell / Via Flickr: itmpa

The Sheep Heid in Duddingston is home to a vintage skittle alley and the finest selection of cask ales in east central Edinburgh.

21. Because the museums are stunningly beautiful.

Hilary Wardle / Via Flickr: 23064699@N02

It isn't enough that the National Gallery of Scotland boasts world famous paintings by Titian, Monet, and Cezanne. It also looks like a glorious ancient temple.

22. Because this is where you go out to eat.

Tom Parnell / Via Flickr: itmpa

Famous restaurants at the Shore include The Kitchin, Fishers in the City, Martin Wishart, and, of course, Pizza Express.

25. Because nowhere else in the world has a mysterious book sculpture fairy.

Robert Burdock / Via Flickr: robaround

Ten intricate sculptures made from famous Scottish books were hidden at various cultural spaces throughout 2011. No one knows who created them.

27. Because Café Piccante regularly saves your life.

Dauvit Alexander / Via Flickr: the_justified_sinner

You just know your hangover would be worse if you hadn't stopped for chips and a deep-fried Mars bar on the way home.

28. Because once a year, the whole world comes to us...

Hamish Irvine / Via Flickr: topaz-mcnumpty

The International Festival is spectacular. Who needs to travel when you have hundreds of cultural events on your doorstep every August?

Other cities pale in comparison to Edinburgh. In fact, it's ruined you for anywhere else. You can never, ever leave.

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