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53 Reasons Living In Edinburgh Ruins You For Life

Great food, beautiful views, and incredible New Year's Eve parties. What more could you want?

1. Because the outdoor art is dazzling.

2. Because this is what happens on an average summer evening.

3. Because you'll be able to afford a flat like this.

4. Because this is your gym.

5. Because the universities are among the best in the world...

6. ...and the student union buildings look like Hogwarts.

7. Because our shopping centres know their place.

8. Because the vintage shops are second to none.

9. Because the pubs are truly historic, wonderfully unique...

10. ...and you run into famous authors whenever you go for a drink.

11. Because a long black at Brew Lab is the finest thing.

12. Because this is the city centre.

13. Because you haven't really had a baked potato until you've had a Baked Potato Shop baked potato.

14. Because Newhaven.

15. Because our food shops are packed to the rafters.

16. Because winter has never looked so beautiful.

17. Seriously, SO beautiful.

18. Because all Christmas markets should look like this.

19. Because it's Christmas all year round.

20. Because New Year in Edinburgh is beyond spectacular.

21. Because the museums are stunningly beautiful.

22. Because this is where you go out to eat.

23. Because it's home to the best, most dangerous bookshop in the world.

24. Because it's compact, clean, and safe.

25. Because nowhere else in the world has a mysterious book sculpture fairy.

26. Because the streets are on another level.

27. Because Café Piccante regularly saves your life.

28. Because once a year, the whole world comes to us...

29. ...not to mention thousands of comedians...

30. ...and hundreds of world-famous authors.

31. Because you know you couldn't live without your daily burrito from Illegal Jack's on Lothian Road...

32. ...or your weekly Sunday brunch from Toast in Marchmont.

33. Because there are hidden gems down every side street.

34. Because why would you go and see any old play when you could watch a brand new one?

35. Because the Forth Rail bridge never fails to take your breath away.

36. Because Halloween isn't Halloween. It's Samhuinn.

37. Because even the train-station roof is insanely beautiful.

38. Because anything Cornwall can do, we can do better.

39. Because dogs are almost always welcome in pubs.

40. Because you'd feel weird if you couldn't climb to the top of an extinct volcano whenever you felt like it.

41. Because this is a club.

42. Because you love being greeted by these guys on your way to Elm Row.

43. Because we all know that the cakes at Mimi's are the best in the world.

44. Because the parks are truly magical...

45. ...and you're never far from the water.

46. Because Edinburgh looks just as beautiful on a rainy day.

47. Because this has to be the world's most scenic Farmers' Market.

48. Because this is the high street.

49. Because you're never more than a 40-minute bus journey away from scenery like this.

50. Because we don't have monuments, we have "Gothic rockets".

51. Because Edinburgh wins at afternoon tea.

52. Because when you live in Edinburgh, you lose all sense of perspective.

Other cities pale in comparison to Edinburgh. In fact, it's ruined you for anywhere else. You can never, ever leave.