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17 Scottish Drinking Quirks That Make The Rest Of The World Say "WTF"

Drinking in a park at 1am in January? Yeah that's perfectly normal here.

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2. Spending every single social occasion in the pub.

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People in other countries don't automatically gravitate to bars whenever they want to hang out with their friends. Hell, just look at Friends – those guys were always in a coffee shop. Other cultures just don't love pubs the way we do.

3. Our love of caffeinated booze.

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Here's a fact that'll blow your mind: Caffeinated alcoholic drinks are actually banned in the US. Imagine the outcry if that happened in Scotland. From Buckfast to Dragon Soop, we just love drinks that wake us up while they get us shitfaced.


7. Pouring booze into a bottle of juice so you can drink it on the sly when you're out and about.

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Usually when you need to spend a long bus journey into town getting a wee bit pissed with your pals, or when you're up a hill freezing your ass off at Hogmanay.

8. Pubs staying open until 1am. / Twitter: @TomBlackfordArt

This confuses pretty much everyone who comes to visit, as does the fact off-licences close so damn early. In England, pubs tend to shut at 11pm, but English off-licences are open much later. They even have 24-hour offies in London. Imagine.


9. Our ambitious round system.

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Buying rounds when there's two of you is fairly sensible, but buying rounds when there's about 12 of you = a surefire way to make sure you and your friends drink 12 drinks each then shit yourself in the doorway of a pound shop at 1:15am.


14. Drinking this like juice.

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People in the US (where MD 20/20 originates) have a healthy respect for this strong, cheap, brightly coloured "wine". But we drink whole bottles in one go.

16. And taking the same photo pretty much as soon as you arrive in another country.

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People of other nationalities find the public transport system first, or their hotel. We find the nearest pub or supermarket to see how cheap the drinks are.

17. And, of course, getting wasted on trains.

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There are literally 1,204,202 more of these tweets. Folk from other countries just don't understand why we treat our train services like a series of mobile pubs.

It's because we can, people from other countries. Because we can.