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    17 Scottish Drinking Quirks That Make The Rest Of The World Say "WTF"

    Drinking in a park at 1am in January? Yeah that's perfectly normal here.

    1. Keeping your empties and using them as a cross between a trophy and a decoration.

    2. Spending every single social occasion in the pub.

    3. Our love of caffeinated booze.

    4. Drinking outdoors even when it's freezing.

    5. Letting dugs into pubs.

    6. And letting kids into pubs.

    7. Pouring booze into a bottle of juice so you can drink it on the sly when you're out and about.

    8. Pubs staying open until 1am.

    9. Our ambitious round system.

    10. Panic-buying two drinks at once when it's last orders.

    11. Taking alcohol home from pubs.

    12. Using literally anything you can find as a mixer.

    13. Takeaways that serve or deliver alcohol.

    14. Drinking this like juice.

    15. Taking this exact photo whenever you're at an airport.

    16. And taking the same photo pretty much as soon as you arrive in another country.

    17. And, of course, getting wasted on trains.