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22 Photos That Prove Men Should Never, Ever Wear Kilts

Let's be honest: They're just little girls' skirts.

1. Everyone knows that kilts are a bit of a joke.

2. I mean, can you imagine trying to look cool in a kilt?

3. It just wouldn't happen.

4. They really don't look good at all.

5. Sure, David Tennant's cute. But in a kilt? Naw.

6. They're just for stuffy, traditional old men.

7. It's impossible to look sophisticated in a kilt.

8. And there's certainly no way to look fierce.

9. But the worst thing of all is when men wear them without a shirt.

10. It's just laughable really.

12. Can you imagine wearing a kilt to a fancy event?

13. You'd look like such a numpty.

14. And it just looks dumb when cute guys wear them to weddings.

15. You certainly never see tough dudes wearing them.

16. In fact, men in kilts look like little girls on their way to school.

17. Imagine if your pool cleaner showed up wearing this? It doesn't bear thinking about.

18. It really is a shame that so many Scottish men insist on wearing kilts.

19. What the hell was this guy even thinking?

20. They might be historic, noble, and traditional — but do they actually look good?

21. Definitely not.

22. Let's just accept it: No guy on Earth can pull off a kilt.

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