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22 Photos That Prove Men Should Never, Ever Wear Kilts

Let's be honest: They're just little girls' skirts.

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7. It's impossible to look sophisticated in a kilt.

Instagram: @50shades__ofbrown

13. You'd look like such a numpty.

Instagram: @fabiola_skin

14. And it just looks dumb when cute guys wear them to weddings.

Instagram: @tsedaniel

17. Imagine if your pool cleaner showed up wearing this? It doesn't bear thinking about.

Instagram: @originalsportkilt

18. It really is a shame that so many Scottish men insist on wearing kilts.

Instagram: @thefirstpiper

19. What the hell was this guy even thinking?

Instagram: @viking_indio

20. They might be historic, noble, and traditional — but do they actually look good?

Instagram: @diegostecca

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