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27 Reasons To Never Have A Staffordshire Bull Terrier As A Pet

They're so vicious and unpredictable.

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1. They're such mean-looking dogs.

2. Like, seriously mean.

3. They're not good with children...

4. ...or cats...

5. ...or cows...

"@trigger0608: Made my day this pic 😊 "@Get2knowstaffys @Staffie_Lovers Staffy alert, dog worried by cows 😂😂 #savage 👍

6. ...or wildlife.

7. They're extremely dangerous, even as puppies.

8. Bascially, they'll attack anything that moves.

9. They're incredibly rude.

10. They don't make good lap dogs.

11. They can't stand to be hugged.

13. Their smiles won't cheer you up at all.

14. They'll upstage you with their dress sense.

15. They're far too vicious to be used as therapy dogs.

16. They're terrible kissers.

17. They're always plotting something.

Instagram: @barborapangl

18. They're impossible to train.


"Play dead."

19. Plus they're really lazy.

Meet Frank the #Staffie, member of the @LV sponsored @BDCH agility team #LVDogStars

20. They have no sense of fun.

21. They certainly don't deserve a loving home.

You definitely shouldn't adopt Lola.
Via Twitter: @EmersonFan1

You definitely shouldn't adopt Lola.

22. Plus it's not like there are that many of them in shelters. / Birmingham Dogs' Home

Only a few thousand of them, possibly more.

23. They totally don't need your love and affection.

24. In short: There's no way anyone could ever want one of these horrible, scary dogs.

25. They're nasty pieces of work.

Do not - under any circumstances - adopt Lexi.

26. In fact, they're absolutely terrifying.

27. Yep: You'd have to be crazy to adopt one of these killing machines.

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If you're determined to ignore our advice, then this list of Staffie rescue centres in the UK is a good place to start your search. Don't say we didn't warn you.