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    23 Reasons You Should Never Adopt A Border Terrier

    They're just nasty, nippy little buggers TBH.

    1. Border Terriers are mean, snappy little dogs.

    2. Which means they're absolutely terrible with kids.

    3. You'll never see a Border Terrier looking stylish.

    4. After all, what's the point in buying adorable outfits for such scruffy, weird-looking dogs?

    5. They're particularly ugly when they're puppies.

    6. And they're even less cute when they get older.

    7. Borders absolutely hate cuddles...

    8. ...and kisses.

    9. They have no sense of fun.

    10. And they rarely crack a smile

    11. ...or a grin.

    12. They're impossible to train.

    13. And some of them are downright vicious.

    14. Which means you can't take them anywhere at all.

    15. They absolutely refuse to play games.

    16. And they're rubbish at hide and seek.

    17. Plus, they're really hyper all the time.

    18. In short, they're the worst possible breed to adopt.

    19. They're such nasty pieces of work.

    20. They don't crave your love or affection.

    21. And anyway, it's not like there are any out there waiting for a forever home.

    22. And even if there were, who would want one?

    23. Yep, you'd have to be crazy to adopt one of these horrors.

    If you're determined to ignore our advice, then this list of Border Terrier rescue centres is a good place to start your search, as is this regularly updated list of Border Terriers currently available for adoption in the UK.