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What's The Weirdest Job You Ever Had?

"The intestines arrived still full."

Everyone has to make ends meet, and to do that you have to take on the occasional odd job.

weirdest job i ever had ? working at a kazoo factory we even made @andydick kazoos

And some odd jobs are much odder than others.

Most bizarre job I ever had was selling condom vending machines (and condoms) to pubs. Did you know you can race them?

Giphy / HBO

Maybe you had a weird job that was also pretty cool...

Weirdest job I ever had: Chief Reporter for #XFiles Fan Club. No kidding. Chris Carter got me the job bcz he liked how I interviewed him!

...or maybe it was the absolute worst.

@SoccerAM my weirdest job was making sausage skins from pigs intestines, the intestines arrived still full #grim

Giphy / BBC

Some weird jobs were probably summer jobs.

Weirdest job I had was snake handler at the South Florida Fair. #TheFive

While others are often misguided career choices.

@ActuallyNPH Strangest job I ever had was writing scripts for a Christian ventriloquist & duck puppet, both decidedly less freaky than that.

Giphy / DreamWorks Pictures

Whether it's your current job, or one from the past, we want to hear about it. So tell us: What’s your all-time weirdest job?

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Write your response in the comment section below, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!