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21 Insane Cheese Dishes Everyone In Scotland Must Try

"France, imma let you finish, but Scotland has some of the best cheeses of all time."

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1. Bacon-topped mac and cheese from Bloc in Glasgow.

Almost all the down-and-dirty street food in this unpretentious bar and music venue is smothered in cheese, but for full-on flavour you can't beat this amazing macaroni.

2. The Cheesy Rider at Burger in Edinburgh.

This sexy AF burger is topped with two deep-fried manchego cheese and chive fritters, as well as red pepper mayo, and beetroot pickle. Plus it looks like its smiling.

3. Sweet chilli and pulled pork nachos at Siberia Vodka Bar in Aberdeen.

There's so much cheese on these nachos at this lively Aberdeen bar that it's hard to find the pulled pork underneath, but it's there somewhere. Just keep digging.

4. Poutine at Bread Meats Bread in Glasgow.

Burger specialists Bread Meats Bread also serve up a mean poutine: a Canadian dish made with french fries topped with cheese curds, and a gravy-style sauce. Think the ultimate post-pub cheesy chips and you're on the right lines.

5. Grilled goat cheese, caramelised onion, and pear tart at The Fig and Thistle in Inverness.

Goat cheese and caramelised onion is a truly classic combination, but add in some pear and you end up with something really special. The Fig and Thistle also does a Granny Smith apple and gorgonzola salad if goat cheese isn't your thing.

6. Monterey Jack ribeye steak at Badabing in Edinburgh.

If you like your food smothered (rather than topped) with cheese, then this indulgent ribeye steak from Badabing definitely won't disappoint. The American-style bar and music venue is opening a second location in North Lanarkshire soon.

7. Chilli cheese dogs at Lebowskis in Glasgow.

Lebowskis is famous for its White Russians (well, what else would you expect from a bar named after The Dude?) but their cheese-laden chilli dogs are a delight as well.

8. Pan-fried halloumi, avocado, and beef tomato salad at The Hyndland Fox in Glasgow.

Halloumi is basically the king of cheeses, and what better way to eat it than smothered in balsamic dressing on a bed of ripe avocado and tomato? Heaven.

9. Goat cheese, spinach, and chilli tortellini from Bridge View Station in Dundee.

If you've never combined goat cheese and chilli, now's your chance. The creamy tortellini at this pretty Dundee restaurant are packed with flavour, and are topped with tempura-fried red onion for added crunch.

10. Quesadillas with barbacoa shredded beef at Taco Mazama in Glasgow.

Glasgow-based Mexican food chain Taco Mazama slow-cook the beef brisket for their quesadillas before combining it with Monterey Jack cheese and sour cream.

11. A four-cheese pizza from Project Pie in Dundee.

Project Pie give diners free rein to customise their pizza from a range of toppings, so go crazy with buffalo mozzarella, feta, gorgonzola, and parmesan.

12. Paneer tikka at Mumbai Mansion, Edinburgh.

Mumbai Mansion serves up modern, refined Indian food at their elegant Haymarket restaurant, including this spice-coated paneer cheese with red pepper sauce.

13. Crispy mozzarella caprese wrap at Bite Me Delphs Bistro in Aberdeen.

This fun café in central Aberdeen deep-fries mozzarella and combines it with caprese salad to create a truly unique wrap. It's not your average office lunch.

14. Cheese-topped fish pie at The Witchery in Edinburgh.

If you fancy something a bit more, well, fancy, then The Witchery by the Castle is perfect. They have a luxurious fine dining menu, including this gorgeous fish pie.

15. Buffalo mozzarella fritter burger from King Tut's in Glasgow.

Yes, you really are looking at a thick-cut round of mozzarella that's been breaded, deep fried, and combined with bacon. It's basically the ultimate cheeseburger.

16. A manchego cheese and roasted red pepper tortilla from 99 Bar and Kitchen in Aberdeen.

This layered roast pepper and manchego tortilla topped with garlic aioli is a perfect starter (and a bit lighter than deep-fried mozzarella). It's part of 99 Bar's brunch menu.

17. Crowdie cheese bonbons with plum and walnuts at Da Luciano in Bothwell.

Crowdie is a light and crumbly Scottish cream cheese that works perfectly in these Italian-inspired deep-fried bonbons. It's a true fusion dish.

18. West coast oysters with Connage brie at the Kingsmills Hotel in Inverness.

The Connage Highland Dairy in Ardersier makes a range of gorgeous cheeses, including this brie that goes surprisingly well with fresh, locally sourced oysters.

19. Paneer lollipops at Ashoka West End in Glasgow.

Ashoka certainly know what they're doing when it comes to paneer. These marinated chilli-cheese "lollipops" are deep fried in gram flour for an extra crunch.

20. Lobster macaroni from Juniper in Edinburgh.

This cocktail bar on Princes Street add a touch of luxury to their mac and cheese by adding fresh lobster. It's delicious, creamy, and rich (in more ways than one).

21. The "Hodor" burger at Burger Meats Bun in Glasgow.

This Game of Thrones-inspired burger combines Blue Murder (made by Highland Fine Cheeses) with a Portobello mushroom for added flavour. It's a taste sensation, or, as Hodor would say: "Hodor Hodor Hodor, Hodor."