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17 Cringe Things Everyone Did 10 Years Ago But Never Talks About

Remember planking?

1. Wearing rubber bands instead of proper jewellery. / Creative Commons

Whether it was Silly Bandz, Rainbow Loom bracelets, or charity wristbands with 'END HUNGER' on them, your arms were always bedecked with cheap plastic at all times. Now, we wear sensible things like Apple watches and Fitbits instead.

2. Setting up really dumb Facebook groups.


The "Totally Random" section was full of groups like this, not to mention: "I Bet I Can Find 7 People Who Support Giving Dinosaurs The Right To Vote" and "I Will Go Slightly Out of My Way To Step On That Crunchy-looking Leaf." Why.

3. Using ridiculous comedy ringtones.

Man look at this Jamster ad in an old #GameInformer magazine! I kinda miss the old Game Informer

Twitter: @PrincessSoftpaw / Via Twitter: @PrincessSoftpaw

It's hard to believe we actually paid perfectly good money to download fart noise ringtones from a giant ad like this in a magazine. What was wrong with us?

4. Planking.


This baffling fad was at its height ten or so years ago; seven doctors and nurses working at a Swindon hospital were even suspended for planking on duty. Why did we all enjoy lying face down in weird locations? Who knows: no one ever admits to having done it. Did you do it? Are you this man? Let us know (secretly).

5. Annoying everyone with vuvuzelas. / Creative Commons

We couldn't get enough of these giant weird plastic kazoos in 2010, after the 2010 World Cup in South Africa unleashed them on the world. They were available in all the supermarkets and parents actually gave them to their children ON PURPOSE. We were all part of this cringey fad, and we are all (still) ashamed.

6. Sending people FarmVille requests.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to all the people I begged to send me a Piping Bag so I could complete my Sweater Cookies recipe.

7. Wearing out Uggs so they ended up looking like this:

..That can't be comfortable #HowDoesThisHappen?

Twitter: @bobbycnorris

Because there's nothing more attractive than going out in old stained slippers that basically look like hooves.

8. Covering everything in moustaches.


Why did everything have moustaches on it between 2010 and 2012? Even people's fingers had them – in the form of those little moustache tattoos that were impossible to hide, and seem to have since completely disappeared. Laser tattoo removal bookings must have spiked a few years ago.

9. Playing pretend sports instead of real sports.

Nintendo / Giphy / Via

In 2010, we had the option to go outside and do fun things. Instead, we stayed indoors and played fake tennis, baseball and bowling – even fake hula hooping –instead. And occasionally smashed our TVs with a Wii-mote while doing it.

10. Getting 'really into' parkour.

NBC / Giphy / Via

May 2010 saw parkour peaking in popularity thanks to shows like MTV’s Ultimate Parkour Challenge. We tried – and failed – to replicate these stunts ourselves, leading to many broken lamps (and legs).

11. Listening to chipmunk remixes.

View this video on YouTube

YouTube / Via

Every single song had a chipmunk version for a while, and we couldn't get enough of them. Who could have ever guessed that a trend would come along that was even more irritating than the "Crazy Frog"?

12. Hanging onto a Webkinz account you were too old for.


"It's always a good idea to put your Webkinz to bed before leaving Webkinz world."

13. Wearing novelty cartoon T-shirts.

let’s bring back 2010 fashion for 2020

Twitter: @asiamp3 / Via Twitter: @asiamp3

Actually, this looks pretty good tbh. However, she's definitely the exception to the rule as 99% of people can't pull off a Spongebob T-shirt and plaid skirt combo.

14. Taking washed-out webcam selfies.

Twitter: @alec_wheatley / Via Twitter: @alec_wheatley

And uploading them straight to MySpace.

15. Nudging people way too much.

Giphy / MSN

2010 was the peak of Windows Live (ex MSN) messenger's powers. It had 330 million active users each month. It passed away in 2014, proving that all success is fleeting. Now we can't nudge people anymore and that's quite sad really.

16. Emotionally investing in R-Patz and K-Stew.

Summit Entertainment / Via

The Twilight co-stars finally announced they were dating in 2010, although they actually got together in mid-2009. It was THE BIGGEST DEAL for a while, until they split in 2012. Kirsten is now happily dating screenwriter girlfriend Dylan Meyer and no one can remember why they ever cared about her and R-Patz.

17. And BBM being the complete centre of your universe:

Twitter: @sween613

"Ey peng ting gis ya bbm pin dere lad."

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