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19 Common Myths Sexual Health Nurses Want You To Stop Believing

Nope, you can't get rid of crabs by shaving your pubes. Sorry.

This post was put together with the help of a sexual health nurse based at an NHS genitourinary medicine clinic in central London.

1. It is NOT safer to use two condoms.

2. The cold sore virus can spread to the genitals.

3. No, most STIs won't go away on their own like a cold.

4. Syphilis isn't an old-timey illness – it's a current problem.

5. And it can be fatal if left untreated.

6. Yes, you can get an STI from oral sex.

7. Condoms rule, but they don't protect against all STIs.

8. Shaving off your pubes won't get rid of crabs.

9. They're not harmless, either.

10. You can catch some STIs from hand jobs or fingering.

11. You can get STIs from dry-humping and grinding too.

12. But, on the whole, you can't catch STIs from handshakes and hugging.

13. It's possible to contract HIV from a tattoo gun.

14. But remember: HIV isn't anything to be ashamed of, and it isn't a death sentence.

15. The HPV vaccine doesn't protect you against every single form of HPV – but it's still very much worth having.

16. But if you are diagnosed with HPV, please don't panic! It doesn't mean you'll get cervical cancer.

17. People think they've heard of every STI.

18. You can still get pregnant while you're on the pill.

19. And you can get pregnant if you're on your period.

For more information and to find your local sexual health clinic, see the NHS website, or speak to your GP.