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21 Hilariously Depressing Comics All Retail Workers Will Cry-Laugh At

"I'll have a cheeseburger without the cheese!" "So, a hamburger?" "NO"

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1. Working in retail means you're never left alone.

2. Customers do everything they can to piss you off.

3. And they rarely use their common sense.

4. Like, seriously.

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5. Retail is all about managing crazy expectations.

6. As well as managing your own.

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7. You have to develop a complex inner life to survive.

8. And put up with nonsense like this.

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9. Customers never trust anything you say.

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10. They love to state the obvious, too.

11. They get mad about things that you can't fix.

12. In fact, a lot of what they say makes no sense.

13. So you find little, petty ways to get revenge.

Gotta get back at annoying customers somehow

Twitter: @portuguesegeese

14. They make us do maths in our head, too.

15. Older customers can be...a challenge.

16. They get really furious about nothing.

17. And you have to deal with really strange situations.

18. We have to listen to the same jokes every day.

19. And deal with people using a fifty to buy gum.

20. Not that they'll leave the change as a tip, of course.

21. And they always ignore the DAMN CLOSED SIGN.

This rabbit definitely deserves to get eaten.