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    44 Reasons To Choose Edinburgh Instead Of London

    Looking for somewhere to live? Head to Scotland.

    1. There are some truly incredible restaurants.

    2. And plenty of affordable, relaxed cafes too.

    3. It's a sensible, rather than an overwhelming, size.

    4. And if you walk to work your commute will probably look a lot like this.

    Victoria street on sunnier days! #edinhour #loveedinburgh

    You won't have to fight your way through crowded tube stations, elbow your way through ticket barriers, or cram yourself onto a packed bus.

    5. Don't want to walk? No problem.

    6. It's a cyclist's paradise.

    7. Edinburgh has plenty of big name employers.

    8. There are plenty of jobs in the charitable sector too.

    9. Oh, and don't forget all the tourism jobs.

    10. You can afford to buy a home.

    11. Renting is much cheaper in Edinburgh too.

    12. Also, Edinburgh flats are much cuter.

    13. Edinburgh is one of the leafiest cities in the UK.

    14. Yep, it's seriously green.

    15. And the Meadows are just as pretty as any Royal Park.

    16. Sick of smog? Edinburgh doesn't have any.

    17. Edinburgh's (many) museums are first class...

    Lots of #Edinburgh museums are taking part in @MuseumWeek. Visit to learn more. #MuseumWeek

    The Natural History Museum might be getting rid of their diplodocus, but the National Museum of Scotland still has its amazing T. rex.

    18. ...and they look great from the outside too.

    19. It's easy to find your way around.

    20. Or you could always ask a friendly fellow Edinburger for directions.

    In Edinburgh you're allowed to actually speak to, make eye contact with - and occasionally even touch - other people. It's a friendly place.

    21. Some of them might even offer you a lift.

    22. The city is even friendlier at Hogmanay.

    23. You're never far from the beach.

    Trip to Portobello beach after work to cool down #EdinburghLife

    Portobello beach is a long stretch of golden sand next to a pretty esplanade with a real "small seaside town" vibe.

    24. It's the perfect place to watch the sun go down...

    25. ...or grab a quick drink.

    26. This statistic is VERY important.

    27. The pubs are ancient and beautiful.

    28. One even has its very own bowling alley.

    29. Edinburgh boasts some of the very best clubs and music venues around.

    30. There really is something for everyone.

    31. Not a fan of clubbing? What about comedy?

    32. You want markets? We got 'em.

    33. The Christmas markets are truly spectacular.

    34. Plus it actually snows here.

    35. Edinburgh even has a Harvey Nick's.

    36. There are quite a few shopping streets in London, but do any of them look like this?

    37. If you're looking for quirky, independent boutiques; Rose Street has its fair share.

    38. Edinburgh's network of canals are the perfect place for a calm, quiet Sunday stroll.

    39. Taking the train to South Queensferry is another great way to recharge your batteries.

    40. After all, you might want to escape the hustle and bustle - just for a while - once the Festival starts.

    41. And if you get bored of the theatre, you can always go panda spotting instead.

    42. Or you can entertain yourself for free by re-enacting the opening scene from Trainspotting.

    43. With so many fun activities to choose from, is it any wonder Edinburgh is the UK's "happiest city'"?

    44. It's an easy choice, really. Isn't it?