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26 Things That Will Make Londoners Say "Sod This, I'm Moving To Aberdeen"

Vegan macarons, cheap pints, and ​Game of Thrones​ style castles? It's a no-brainer.

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1. Think you have to live in London to go to fantastic restaurants? Think again.

Instagram: @c4itlinsmith

This tasty treat is a fancy steak pie from the Merchant Bistro, one of Aberdeen's best, classiest, and friendliest restaurants.

2. Vegans and vegetarians are well catered for too.

Instagram: @cferroni

This awesome chocolate raspberry cake and raspberry macaron from hip, healthy cafe Foodstory is completely vegan. And sexy.

3. Aberdeen is compact, pretty, and right by the sea.

Colin_hunter / Getty Images

Sick of having to take a three-hour round trip to see your friends? Move to Aberdeen, make new friends, and walk along the shore to see them instead.

4. You'll actually be able to afford to buy a home.

Piktochart / BuzzFeed

The average price might still seem high at £218,445, but if you shop around you can snap up a fantastic flat like this one for as little as £85,000.


5. Renting is much cheaper in Aberdeen too.

Instagram: @justinemorsboel

The average price for a pretty, city centre one bedroom flat like this is £682.14 in Aberdeen. It's a staggering £1,671.76 in central London!

6. Plus our houses are far cuter than anything you'd find in London.

Instagram: @garygary1509

Why would you want to pay most of your annual salary to live in a soulless tower block when you could live in Footdee instead?

7. What will you do for a living? Hmm, dunno. Maybe work in one of the biggest industries in Scotland?

Instagram: @angelfish82

Aberdeen has more energy jobs than you can shake a stick at, with renewables and green options gaining ground daily (if you don't want to work for an oil company).


9. Commuting is actually pleasant if you live in Aberdeen.

Testing Instagrams lack of squareness. Took this on my cycle to work last week. #aberdeen …

Do you want to cycle past sights like this, or turn yourself into human sausage meat on the crowded tube? It really is entirely up to you.

10. You won't have to give up your addiction to fancy markets.

Instagram: @natbeesfashion

No, this isn't Borough Market or Spitalfields, it's the Aberdeen Country Fair.


14. Way more importantly, the average price of a pint is just £3.20, in London it's over £4.

Instagram: @brewdogaberdeen

Think of all the 70ps you'll save! That'll help pay for your steak pies and macarons.

16. And there are tons of other gorgeous, easy day trips you can take as well.

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Sure, London has Brighton, but wouldn't you much rather go to Stonehaven and have an unbeatably awesome ice cream from Aunty Betty's instead?


18. And we've got top notch museums.

Instagram: @spysunny

Like the world-class Aberdeen Maritime Museum, with its diving bells, big glass windows, and massive scale models of oil rigs.


23. Or just grab a quick coffee.

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The weather's always this nice, honest.