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    12 One-Hour Things You Can Do That Will Make The World A Better Place

    Send a card to a sick child, or use a video app to help a visually impaired person.

    1. Become a Postpal.

    2. Make a wiggly bag.

    3. Or bake a birthday cake for a child in need.

    4. Listen to the Surfaid album on Spotify.

    5. Join a movement aimed at reducing ocean plastic.

    6. Help to identify (and conserve) wild animals.

    7. Cook a meal for an older person in your area.

    8. Use a charity alarm clock to turn zzzs into £££s.

    9. Take part in the Amnesty International Pocket Protest.

    10. Play the Free Rice game to feed hungry communities.

    11. Help people practice their English.

    12. Lend your eyes to help the visually impaired.

    This innovative iPhone app connects blind and visually impaired users to sighted volunteers. If the visually impaired person needs help, for example, having ingredients or cooking instructions read to them from a packet, a live video stream will start, and link to the volunteer's device in real time. It's pretty epic.

    So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now, and you can get started straight away.