24 Secrets Radio DJs Will Never, Ever Tell You

    If we play "I Am the Resurrection", it means we're taking a shit.

    1. There's a lot more to our job than just pressing play.

    2. Things go wrong with live radio all the time.

    3. And our radio software often drives us mad.

    4. There are specific, extra-long songs called "toilet tracks" that we play if we need to shit.

    5. Dead air is our worst nightmare.

    6. We've all accidentally sworn on air at some point

    7. Our mics get seriously gross.

    8. We're really sick of that old "face for radio" joke.

    9. Keeping to time is a) important, and b) damn tricky.

    10. We don't always like (or control) our playlists.

    11. So please stop giving us your damn EPs.

    12. We won't give you a "shout-out", either.

    13. Fucking Christmas music is the absolute worst.

    14. Our on-air personas are often more outgoing and chatty than our "real" selves, which can confuse people.

    15. We dream in annoying jingles.

    16. We always have sore throats.

    17. And there's literally nothing worse than having a cough, cold, or even hiccups on air.

    18. We inhabit a sort of famous-but-not-famous limbo.

    19. Celebrity interviews can be a total nightmare.

    20. Ratings are a constant source of stress.

    21. We get some deeply weird callers.

    22. Not to mention some seriously batshit emails.

    23. But we do feel a sense of duty towards our listeners.

    24. And their gratitude makes everything worthwhile.

    This post was compiled with the help of a Scottish radio presenter, and also this AMA thread on Reddit.