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    19 Border Collies Who Failed So Hard It's Kind Of Adorable, Really

    We love them even though they steal our biscuits and get stuck in trees.

    1. This daft girl, who thinks she can walk on water.

    2. This amateur daredevil.

    3. This floof, who hasn't quite mastered agility.

    4. This daftie, who got stuck in a tree.

    5. This "graceful, agile" beast.

    6. This unlucky scruffball, who got stuck in a hanger.

    7. Max, who's turning to a life of crime.

    Twitter: @dogshaming

    "Despite a long walk this morning followed by scrambled egg ... I still broke into the cupboard and stole the biscuits. I do regret it now though."

    8. This doggo, who thinks he's an otter.

    9. This adorable derp.

    10. This doofus, who lets himself be hassled by a cat.

    11. This ungrateful boy.

    12. This silly sausage who forgot how to catch.

    13. Not to mention this cute weirdo.

    14. This lil' dude, who is trying to eat beer.

    15. Norman, who is exceedingly goofy.

    16. This naughty girl and her accomplice.

    Twitter: @Jasper_Collie

    "I ate the kids' advent calendar. Happy Holidays!"

    17. This pup, who won't be stopped by mere netting.

    18. Jasper, who got stuck in the blind.

    19. And this fluffy embarrassment.

    Twitter: @dogshaming

    Border collies: You really can't take them anywhere. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

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