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This Is What Scottish Grindr Users Think About The General Election

Remember Tom Court, the guy who polled Edinburgh Grindr users on the Indyref last year? Well, he's been at it again. Warning: NSFW due to strong language.

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Last September, just before the Scottish referendum, Tom Court asked 655 Grindr users whether they thought Scotland should be independent.


The results were surprisingly accurate. In the actual referendum, No polled 55% and Yes 45%. Court's survey showed a 54–46% split, which was the same as the final YouGov poll despite taking place several hours earlier. Also, his results were more accurate than some professional polls released on the eve of the vote.

With a general election looming, Court decided it was time to do it again. He told BuzzFeed News:

"After the referendum poll, it became evident that Grindr holds the key to all electoral predictions. With the forthcoming general election too close to call with any standard polling organisations, and the SNP potentially vital to the balance of power in Westminster, I knew only horny Scottish gays could help us now. This would be the poll to end all polls."

In the end, 61.73% (121) of respondents polled SNP. On his blog, Court explains:

Of the 1024 Grindr users I questioned, 436 responses were counted. 196 of these users settled on a party. Here are their results:

61.73% (121) SNP
11.73%(23) Labour
9.18%(18) Conservative
7.14%(14) Green
3.57%(7) UKIP
3.57%(7) Liberal Democrat
1.53%(3) Monster Raving Loony
1.02%(2) BNP
0.51%(1) Socialist

In conclusion, despite their resistance to independence, Grindr users will vote overwhelmingly in favour of the Scottish National Party. Given that my referendum poll was reported by many as having predicted the outcome, we can conclude from this that the SNP will form a comfortable majority government in Westminster with 62% of the United Kingdom's vote. This prediction can't possibly fail.

Is this accurate? Only time will tell, but polls of horny Scottish gay guys have never let us down before.