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    21 Epic "Stranger Things" Tattoos All Mouthbreathers Will Hate

    If you don't have at least one Eggo tattoo, can you really call yourself a fan?

    1. This important reminder.

    2. This simple design for a Hawkins Lab escapee.

    3. This tribute to the best character ever: Steve's bat.

    4. And this tribute to all women, everywhere.

    5. This lovely ode to compromise.

    6. This fabulous, detailed silhouette.

    7. This van full of baddies, caught mid-flip.

    8. This very important mix tape.

    9. And this fabulous arcade machine.

    10. This haunted eggo.

    11. And this lovely pair of waffles.

    12. This picture perfect Dustin at the Snow Ball.

    13. This clever use of lettering.

    14. This detailed, abstract version of Eleven.

    15. This strangely pretty Demogorgon.

    16. This colourful box full of delicious treats.

    17. This beautiful illustration of Hopper's best quote.

    18. These amazing snapshots of Eleven's mind.

    19. This colourful diamond, full of mystery.

    20. This tattoo that says it all.

    21. And this truly fantastic trick-or-treater.

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