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21 Epic "Stranger Things" Tattoos All Mouthbreathers Will Hate

If you don't have at least one Eggo tattoo, can you really call yourself a fan?

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2. This simple design for a Hawkins Lab escapee.

Instagram: @k9teeth

3. This tribute to the best character ever: Steve's bat.

Instagram: @blackflamingotattoo

4. And this tribute to all women, everywhere.

Instagram: @handrewdelavega

6. This fabulous, detailed silhouette.

Instagram: @zillah

7. This van full of baddies, caught mid-flip.

Instagram: @katyhowarthtattoo

9. And this fabulous arcade machine.

Instagram: @sharkleyart

11. And this lovely pair of waffles.

Instagram: @aevrard_at_bnw

12. This picture perfect Dustin at the Snow Ball.

Instagram: @strangerthingstattoos

14. This detailed, abstract version of Eleven.

Instagram: @strangerthingstattoos

15. This strangely pretty Demogorgon.

Instagram: @vicsavage

16. This colourful box full of delicious treats.

Instagram: @sr

17. This beautiful illustration of Hopper's best quote.

Instagram: @staciemayer

18. These amazing snapshots of Eleven's mind.

Instagram: @inkedmag

19. This colourful diamond, full of mystery.

Instagram: @jonleightontattoo

21. And this truly fantastic trick-or-treater.

Instagram: @strangerthingstattoos

Who could it be? It's so hard to tell.