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25 Times Edinburgh Really Out-Edinburghed Itself

Potato croquettes served on a picture frame? Fuck right off.

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3. When this guy had to build a house at 4 but be at a ceilidh at 5.

Only in Edinburgh; a tradie in a highvis kilt


4. When someone ordered some potato croquettes and this nonsense showed up.

Croquettes served on a picture in a frame... Uh I think @WeWantPlates! #Edinburgh

5. And another poor, innocent soul had their coffee served to them like this.

Mini-shopping-trolley idiocy at a pop-up artisan coffee stall in Edinburgh's Waverley Market. (Pic: Odran Doherty)

6. When this restaurant decided to scar kids for life.

Instagram: @brodiecsavage

8. When this incredibly twee protest made the news.

Only in Edinburgh would a protest involve crochet.

9. When the age-old question "what is art" was finally answered by an ECA student.

So... Edinburgh College of Art pulled out the big guns this year. This is tiles with toilet gel disks. Yay art! #wtf

"Not this."

10. When this wee dram of wine cost more than a whole bottle.

#Dynamo #Edinburgh £7.50 for this tiny wine?! #bargain or #rip-off? Show better be worth it!

11. When the Christmas market finally went too far.

This is what £5 gets you at Edinburgh's Christmas, @edinburghpaper @Edinburgh_CC #ripoff #edinburghchristmas


13. When someone made this truly generous offer

Seen on Freecycle Edinburgh. Errr WTF? Really?


20. When a shop decided that sticking a boar's head in a pram was a great way to sell antiques.

Instagram: @dahauk1970

22. When someone in Morningside came up with the most middle-class alternative to a pumpkin of all time.

Guising around South Edinburgh, where they make lanterns with leftover Waitrose peppers

23. When these guys made total fannies (and dicks) of themselves.

Things you see at the Edinburgh Festival #wtf