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    24 Unusual, Subtle, And Beautiful Scottish Tattoos

    Not a lion rampant or saltire in sight.

    1. This delicate sprig of heather.

    2. This fantastic stylised stag.

    3. This perfect depiction of the Isle of Mull.

    4. This pretty sprig of gorse.

    5. This vibrant Forth Bridge sunset.

    6. This stunning ode to Scotland's forests.

    7. These Mackintosh-inspired roses.

    8. This delicate ring of Scottish bluebells.

    9. This stained-glass-effect thistle.

    10. And this even more colourful one.

    11. This subtle Heilan' coo.

    12. This spectacular Macdonald clan crest.

    13. This beautifully detailed set of bagpipes.

    14. This magnificent osprey.

    15. This gorgeous depiction of Scotland's landscape.

    16. This suitably spiky Scottish rose.

    17. This sublime Isle of Skye sunset.

    18. This wonderful Loch Ness Monster.

    19. This ode to Scotland's waves.

    20. This delicate outline of Dumfries and Galloway.

    21. These adorable puffins.

    22. And this equally pretty little guy.

    23. This unusual white thistle.

    24. And this fantastic Orkney dragon.

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