11 Of The Best Ways Trump Was Welcomed To Scotland This Weekend

    We really, really love him over here.

    In case you missed it among all the Brexit brouhaha, U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump made a two-day flying visit to Scotland on Friday.

    1. His first surprise was a "Mexican" mariachi band, who were there to greet him at Prestwick Airport.

    Trump lands in Scotland, greeted by Mexican Mariachi band, Juan Direction, and a wheelbarrow full of bricks."

    They played a range of hits, including "Another Brick in the Wall".

    2. These welcoming posters appeared around Glasgow at roughly the same time.

    Apparently these signs are posted all over Glasgow during Trump's visit to Scotland. #NeverTrump #AlbaGuBrath

    3. He was also invited to take part in a traditional Glaswegian sporting event.

    4. When his helicopter landed at Turnberry, he was greeted with this affectionate sign.

    5. And this one.

    6. Not to mention all of these ones.

    7. Locals also hoisted a familiar flag to help him feel at home.

    8. Someone painted this beautiful portrait for him.

    9. As if all that wasn't enough, a nice young man also gave him dozens of swastika-covered golf balls.

    Trump interrupted by protester with swastika golf balls. WATCH: https://t.co/vcBvweSupf https://t.co/smlHrcC9bi

    "These are the new balls available from the clubhouse, part of the new Trump Turnberry range." What a memorable gift.

    10. And, of course, Scots who couldn't be there in person sent him lots of lovely, welcoming tweets.

    11. Donald, please come back whenever you want.