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    19 Scottish Quirks That Seriously Confuse The Rest Of The World

    "Why do Scottish people use cunt as a pronoun?"

    1. Tossing the caber.

    2. Our love of swearing.

    3. Writing in Scots.

    4. Celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

    5. Our pasta habits.

    6. Our summer habits.

    7. Our love of oats.

    8. Putting salt in our porridge.

    9. Eating haggis.

    10. Celebrating Hogmanay.

    11. Calling fizzy drinks "juice."

    12. Our addiction to Irn-Bru.

    13. Our pride in our wee towns and villages.

    14. And our intense patriotism.

    15. Calling kid's fares "a half".

    16. And calling kids "weans" or "wains".

    17. Our devotion to square sausage.

    18. Our attachment to tartan.

    19. And guys wearing kilts.