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27 Totally Not Ok Things LGBT People Have Actually Been Asked

"But that means you have to put the dick in your nostril or something right?" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the strangest questions they’ve been asked about being LGBT. Here are some of the best.


2. I'm asexual, and I'm stunned at how often people ask: "So do you reproduce by mitosis?" No, that's not how it works. "Why would you choose to go without sex?" Also not how it works. "Challenge accepted!" DEFINITELY NOT HOW IT WORKS!

Submitted by Kimberly Lewis, Facebook.

3. "Did you become a lesbian so you wouldn't have to give birth?" My answer: "Yes. Absolutely. That's exactly why I 'became' a lesbian."

Submitted by Bookworming.

4. I'm a bi male in my late thirties and it took a while to come to terms with my feelings, especially in a community that did not seem very open to bisexuality. It's been 10 years since I came out, but last year a complete stranger said: "Didn't you outgrow that in your twenties? Just face it, you're gay." Only an asshole says that to a stranger or even someone they barely know.

Submitted by Mjolnir77.

5. "But you're really pretty and girly, I bet you just haven't met the right guy. You would totally be into the right guy!" Yeah, I can totally imagine the perfect man for me: He doesn't have a penis and identifies as female.

Submitted by whattheheckevrrr


7. I'm genderfluid. The response is usually: "What the fuck? Is that a thing?" But I've also received: "You've gone too far now with all this." People assume that just because they haven't heard of it before it's not real.

Submitted by Raejmoreno.

8. "So since you're a lesbian, do you not have your period?" Asked by a friend in college. I couldn't hold back the laughter.

Submitted by rmr10788.

9. I get people asking me all the time "So you're gay. Does that mean you take it, you know, up the butt?" And I'm just like: "How would I know? I'm a virgin." Their answer is always: "So how do you even know you are gay?" *Facepalm*

Submitted by Jarrod Wilcox, Facebook.

10. As a Christian bisexual I've been asked many times: "Why not just stick with women and quit living in sin?"

Submitted by Chopper584717.


12. "You're bi? Why don't you just pick one? When you marry that will make you gay or straight. You have to like one more than the other?"

Submitted by Jude Pipta, Facebook.

13. When I came out to a few of my friends (after I cut my hair short) one of the girls said: "You cut you hair short so you can be the boy in a relationship, right?" I just stared at her and then I said: "No, there is no boy in a lesbian relationship. That's the point." She looked at me like it was the most surprising thing anyone had ever said to her.

Submitted by L1sa.

14. Telling someone that you're asexual only for them to ask: "Why don't you like sex? It's the best part of a relationship!" Um, no It isn't.

Submitted by nessabee2002.

15. As a transwoman I get so many questions, especially about my sex life. "'How do you do it?" is the common question men ask me. "Well, I'm a woman now, have you ever fucked a woman before? There's your answer!" Or when they are interested: "Well, I like you but I'm not gay, you know?"

Submitted by Sunniva Brunings, Facebook.


17. Growing up as a gay man in Kansas, the question I hated the most from straight women friends was: "Why are all the good ones gay?" Yeah, we have 5-10% of the population to choose from, you have the rest. Also, I'm sure your husband appreciates you saying Neil Patrick Harris is so much hotter than him.

Submitted by Jesselikesnaps.

18. About my partner: "What do you MEAN they don't have a gender?" I mean, they're agender. It's really not that difficult.

Submitted by Stephanie Cook, Facebook.

19. One of my male friends once made a dirty joke then paused as if he'd had some sort of epiphany, looked at me in horror and asked: "Wait have you ever SEEN one?" Me: "One what?" Him: *nods at his own crotch* Me: "..."

Submitted by Laetitia Devedeleer, Facebook.

20. "Doesn't pansexuality mean you have sex with animals and children?"

Submitted by Kaitlin Carney, Facebook.

21. "Which one of you is the man?" is like asking: "Which chopstick is the knife?" Neither, that's the fucking point.

Submitted by Laurajane Cunningham, Facebook.


23. "I thought you'd be more into girls that look more… like you." I'm gay, not a narcissist.

Submitted by BarbaraGordon.

24. After being out as a gay man for many years, my close friend came up to me and said: "You'd still date a girl right? You can still be bi because you're manly like that? I know you still are attracted to women?" STILL! WHEN WAS I EVER?

Submitted by Scottydavidf.

25. When people find out I'm trans, they're always like: "Wait, you have a vagina? And tits? But you look like a guy? How is your chest so flat?" And I'm just there like: "Um…"

Submitted by swordwieldingthespian.

26. "You're gay? But that means you have to put the dick in your nostril or something right?" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Submitted by 4lbatross.

27. On coming out as bisexual to Filipino relatives: "Is everything alright, y'know, down there? Are your ovaries alright?" Apparently the church they attend told them that non-straight girls have ovary problems, and that's why they're attracted to other girls. I guess you could say that they're *puts on sunglasses* ovary-acting. YEEEAAAHH.

Submitted by surikune.