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What's The Strangest Thing People Have Asked You About Being LGBT?

"How do lesbians have sex?" Just stop.

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If you're LGBT, you've probably been asked a million inappropriate questions since coming out.

if I had a penny for the amount of times I've been asked "so like.... how do lesbians.... like... have sex?" I'd be a billionaire

Often, they're intrusive questions about your sex life...

The most annoying questions to ask a gay/bi/lesbian Have you tried it with a guy/girl..? Are your parents ok w/ it? Can I watch? NO.


...or dumb questions about your relationship.

Most annoying questions ever to be asked: 'Do you like being a lesbian?' 'Are you the boy or the girl?' 😑

If you're trans, the inappropriate questions usually multiply by a factor of ten.

When someone tells you they're trans, don't you dare fucking ask: "Are you sure you're not just gay?"


Almost all of us have been asked this spectacularly awkward question by a straight friend at some point:

@AshleyMardell straight friend to gay friend of same gender: "So since you're gay, do you fancy me?"

But even that question pales in comparison to this ages-old zinger:

#GrowingUpGay and being constantly asked if I was sure, or if it was just a phase. It's probably just a phase. A life-long fucking phase

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