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What's The Strangest Thing People Have Asked You About Being LGBT?

"How do lesbians have sex?" Just stop.

If you're LGBT, you've probably been asked a million inappropriate questions since coming out.

if I had a penny for the amount of times I've been asked "so like.... how do lesbians.... like... have sex?" I'd be a billionaire

Often, they're intrusive questions about your sex life...

The most annoying questions to ask a gay/bi/lesbian Have you tried it with a guy/girl..? Are your parents ok w/ it? Can I watch? NO.

...or dumb questions about your relationship.

Most annoying questions ever to be asked: 'Do you like being a lesbian?' 'Are you the boy or the girl?' 😑

If you're trans, the inappropriate questions usually multiply by a factor of ten.

When someone tells you they're trans, don't you dare fucking ask: "Are you sure you're not just gay?"

Almost all of us have been asked this spectacularly awkward question by a straight friend at some point:

@AshleyMardell straight friend to gay friend of same gender: "So since you're gay, do you fancy me?"

But even that question pales in comparison to this ages-old zinger:

#GrowingUpGay and being constantly asked if I was sure, or if it was just a phase. It's probably just a phase. A life-long fucking phase

Whatever the questions were, we want to hear them. So tell us: What’s the strangest, rudest, or dumbest thing you’ve ever been asked about being LGBT?

Write your response in the comment section below, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!