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    Americans And Londoners React To Scottish Phrases

    "We're at Jock Tamson's barn? Do people have barn parties in Scotland?"

    We sent 10 Scottish sayings, slang and (rude) words to BuzzFeed's offices in Los Angeles, New York, Washington, San Francisco, and London and asked them what they thought they meant. This is what happened.

    1. "Lang may yer lum reek."

    2630Ben / Thinkstock

    Actual meaning: A traditional Hogmanay greeting meaning may you be prosperous/ may you never run out of fuel for your fire (Lit. "Long may your chimney smoke").

    Morgan (Los Angeles): I dunno. My gut says it's something about having a clean asshole. Or a dirty one. I think my brain is kind of reading it as "long may your bum reek."

    Alexis (New York): Long may your....what's a lum? Mum? Long may your mum reek.

    Hayes (Washington DC): Long may your bog smell? Is this what you say to Scotch makers?

    Jessica (San Francisco): I keep reading it dyslexically as "may your rum leak," which sounds more like a curse than a blessing.

    Tabatha (London): Long may your flat smell like hangover and regret.

    Scott (London): How dare you.

    2. "Yer bum's oot the windae."

    MartinM303 / Thinkstock

    Actual meaning: You're talking shite.

    Crystal (Los Angeles): I think it says "my bum's out the window", but... that doesn't make sense, unless it's like, maybe someone shit themselves, and should literally be tossed out the window?

    Sarah (New York): Your butt's out the window. Your butt is so big, it's hanging out the window. Ugh, Kim Kardashian, anyone? That's a compliment.

    Alex (London): You think you've farted, but actually you've shat yourself.

    Alexis (New York): Do the photos have anything to do with this because this quote is on a pile of spiky rocks and that worries me. Something about a bum and spiky rocks.

    Hayes (Washington DC): You're making a gosh darn fool of yourself, George.

    Jessica (San Francisco): THIS IS DEFINITELY ABOUT BUTTS.

    3. "Mony a mickle maks a muckle."

    Christof Koepsel / Thinkstock

    Actual meaning: Many small things add up to a big thing (similar to "look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves").

    Sarah (New York): Many mickles make a muckle. When you get two mickles together, and they love each other very much, they might make a baby mickle, or a muckle. Don't ask me any more than that.

    Hayes (Washington DC): Is this a math problem? Like how many bushels are in an acre or something?

    Alp (New York): Too many cooks spoil the broth?

    Flo (London): Mickle is a willy. Muckle is a fanny.

    Elena (New York): Something like, a dollar earned is a dollar saved.

    April (New York): More money more problems. Biggie's Scottish remix.

    4. Jobby.

    zhuzhu / Thinkstock

    Actual meaning: ๐Ÿ’ฉ

    Hayes (Washington DC): It is a very rude term for "stool" and I am offended.

    Marie (New York): A tiny hand-job?

    Jessica (San Francisco): A drunk naked fat guy.

    Tabatha (London): A poo.

    Alexander (Los Angeles): An aggressive hoodlum.

    Alex (London): A house elf.

    5. "We're a' Jock Tamson's bairns."

    Otmar Winterleitner / Thinkstock

    Actual meaning: We're all the same.

    Sarah (New York): We're at Jock Tamson's barns! You know Jock Tamson! Class of '04? Varsity quarterback? He's the one that let the chickens out as a high school class prank? Well now he own several barns! And that's where we are RIGHT NOW.

    Alex (London): We're just a couple of babies, sharing a whiskey.

    Crystal (Los Angeles): I believe "bairn" is baby? So maybe this is saying "we're all at Jock Tamson (a person?)'s baby? LOL. Nope.

    Alexis (New York): Jock Tamson has many bairns and we are, collectively, a' them.

    Alp (New York): We're at Jock Tamson's barn? Do people have barn parties in Scotland?

    Maritsa (New York): We're all Jock Tamson's brains.

    6. Haud yer wheesht!

    pb_pictures / Thinkstock

    Actual meaning: Be quiet! (Lit. Hold your breath).

    Alexis (New York): HOLD YOUR *makes whooshing noise with mouth*

    Tabatha (London): Hold your wheatgrass! Uttered during that two week wheatgrass phase all sixth form students go through.

    Scott (London): You are small and I want to hold you like a hamster.


    Elena (New York): Hold your weed. Save it for later.

    Sarah (New York): Hide your wheels! You know, so people don't think you are a half-human, half-wheel hybrid. You want everyone to think you are just an average biped. So hide your wheels!

    Alex (London): Hold your penis!

    7. "All his eggs are double-yoakit."

    MartinM303 / Thinkstock

    Actual meaning: A boastful windbag (Lit. All his eggs have two yolks).

    Morgan (Los Angeles): He's a freak, right?

    April (New York): He put all his eggs in one basket.

    Flo (London): He is a supreme human.

    Marie (New York): All his eggs have two yolks? I assume you'd say that about someone really dumb. Like, he's not all right up there.

    Maritsa (New York): That breakfast was delicious.

    Tabatha (London): All his eggs are double yolked. AKA, whenever he impregnates a woman she ends up having twins.

    8. Gie it laldy!

    jenifoto / Thinkstock

    Actual meaning: To sing or do something loudly or with gusto.

    Alp (New York): WATCH IT LADDY.

    Alexis (New York): This is what you yell at your best friend in the club when you see she's about to hook up and you're like "yaasss get it."

    Sarah (New York): Give it lady! That's what you yell at a woman when you are stealing from her.

    Alex (UK): Go crazy!

    Hayes (Washington DC): Do your Scottish best.

    Morgan (Los Angeles): You go, girl.

    9. Dinghied.

    RichardALock / Thinkstock

    Actual meaning: The act of being ignored, or ignoring somebody (e.g. "Tam totally dinghied me on Buchanan Street the other day.")

    Crystal (Los Angeles): This sounds weirdly dirty.

    Tabatha (London): DRUNK.

    Sarah (New York): Dinged. That's when you hit another car, or lightly tap another car. I do it in NYC all the time so it's totally cool and not a big deal.

    Marie (New York): Ignoring someone?

    Alp (New York): He left me standing? He left me to sink? I GOT DITCHED YO I'M ANGRY.

    Hayes (Washington DC): Literally set you off in a tiny boat, unsure of your fate.

    10. Boaby.


    Actual meaning: Penis.

    April (New York): How Scottish Beyonce fans say Bae.

    Scott (London): MR BLOBBY.

    Alexis (New York): A boy-baby. Obviously.

    Tabatha (London): A baby conceived on a boat.

    Elena (New York): It's a monster that lives in certain lakes that comes out at night and eats all the livestock.

    Sarah (New York): Bobby is a term for a hot guy. Like, "You see those boabies hanging out over there, you think they're thirsty?" Like that.

    Grace (New York): Soup.

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