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    24 Photos That Sum Up The Difference Between American And Scottish Schools

    Teachers in America: "Great job, little buddy!" Teachers in Scotland: "I shagged yer maw."

    1. Travelling to school in America:

    Fpg / Getty Images

    Travelling to school in Scotland:

    2. Teachers in America:

    Teachers in Scotland:

    3. School lunches in America:

    School lunches in Scotland:

    4. School visitors in America:

    Saul Loeb / AFP / Getty Images

    School visitors in Scotland:

    5. School trips in America:

    School trips in Scotland:

    6. School activities in America:

    Getty Images

    School activities in Scotland:

    7. High school relationships in America:

    High school relationships in Scotland:

    8. Why kids get suspended from school in America:

    Why kids get suspended from school in Scotland:

    9. Back-to-school supplies in America:

    Back to school supplies in Scotland:

    10. Proms in America:

    Proms in Scotland:

    11. How teens celebrate the end of exams in America:

    How teens celebrate the end of exams in Scotland:

    12. High school graduations in America:

    Handout / Getty Images

    High school graduations in Scotland:

    Our traditions are way better tbh.

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