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    20 Essential Life Hacks That Are Straight Out Of The 1990s

    TL: DR version: you can use Smash Hits stickers for pretty much anything.

    1. Can't afford Impulse body spray? Simply rub Crayola Magic Scent crayons under your arms.

    Wikipedia/ Creative Commons / Via

    Not the 'dirt' one though, obviously.

    2. Save money on Pogs by writing 'Pog' on the cardboard circles from the bottom of Party Poppers.


    Or draw a shark. Or a skull. Or a weird tasmanian devil-like thing.

    3. Convince your friends that you're a supercool raver by sticking strips of coloured tin foil to your trousers.

    Wikipedia/ Creative Commons / Via

    You can also add in a few of your Pog designs if you're feeling particularly creative.

    4. Make your own night vision goggles by taping a Game Boy Light and magnifying screen to your face.

    CGRundertow / Via

    This is particularly useful if you're trapped in a broken down car next to a T-Rex.

    5. Don't bother buying a clock: Channel 4 have a free one you can look at between 3am - 7am every day.

    Channel 4 Closedown/ Channel 4 / Via

    After 7am you can use the clock in the corner of The Big Breakfast screen.

    6. Worried about losing your brand new cordless handset? Simply cover it in Smash Hits stickers.

    Neilkod / Via Flickr: neilkod

    The brightly coloured "Don't Split Up, East 17", "Zig And Zag Are Brilliant" and "I ♥ Take That" stickers will make the phone much more noticeable.

    7. Smash Hits stickers are also a fantastic- and free- alternative to stick on earrings.


    After all, wouldn't you rather have Brian Harvey's face on your earlobe instead of a boring jewel-type thing?

    8. Guys: recreate the icy cool 'frosted tips' hairstyle by ignoring your mother and going outside with wet hair.

    NSYNC / Via

    NB: this only works during winter.

    9. Girls: get the iconic 'Rachel from Friends' look for free by sticking your hair in a paper shredder.

    Friends/ 20th Century Fox / Via

    It'll be painful, but it's worth it.

    10. If you want to record The X Files but you've run out of tapes, use a stolen Blockbuster video instead.

    11. Fool friends into thinking you're wearing a Global Hypercolour shirt by dipping your hands in bleach and touching yourself.

    Wikipedia/ Creative Commons / Via

    ...then run away so they don't notice that the colour doesn't change back.

    12. If your parents won't buy you some JNCO jeans, just stitch two bin bags together instead.


    No one will be able to tell the difference.

    13. Tired of accidentally lacerating yourself with your snap bracelet? Fizzy Astro Belts are a safer, cheaper and much more delicious alternative.

    Perez HIlton / Via

    Though you may have to staple them to your wrist to hold them in place.

    14. Prevent your Discman from skipping by never moving.

    Jessie Wang / Via Flickr: jessiewang1119

    Remaining perfectly still at all times is a small price to pay for such crystal clear audio. It's like 5ive are right there in the room with you.

    15. Worried someone will steal your Sega Game Gear? Disguise it as a Barcode Battler.

    Wikipedia/ Creative Commons / Via

    No one wants a Barcode Battler.

    16. As well as occasionally taking your eye out, Poppers can also be used to create fake love bites.


    Everyone at school will think you're gettin' jiggy with it. They'll never know that you actually spend your evenings trying to beat your sister's high score on Mario Kart.

    17. Save hundreds of pounds of your parents' money each year by never calling the Nintendo Tips Hotline.

    Nintendo Co., Ltd / Via

    Just apply for a GamesMaster consoletation instead.

    18. Don't want people to read your diary? Simply hide it inside an empty Sliding Doors VHS case.


    No one will ever open it. Sliding Doors is a terrible movie.

    19. Make your own alcopops by mixing mouthwash, MD 20:20 and Squeezits.

    Via Facebook: 118884812906

    Whatever you end up with will taste much better than Metz , Woody's Vodka Coolers or Two Dogs Lemon Brew.

    20. Can't afford a Magic Eye poster? Simply take a photo of some TV static, stick it to your wall and tell everyone it's a dolphin.

    Wikipedia/ Creative Commons / Via

    They'll believe you: no one can actually see Magic Eye pictures.

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