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    We Asked 25 Non-Scots To React To Photos Of Glasgow And This Is What Happened

    Spoiler: Everyone was freaked out by fritter rolls.

    We sent 12 uncaptioned photos of Glasgow to BuzzFeed offices in Mexico, the US, Australia, Brazil, and London and asked them to write down the first thing that came into their heads. Twenty-five people replied. This is what they said:

    1. A Munchy Box

    Flickr: k3bab / Creative Commons

    Baxter (Mexico): I want to be drunk and eat all of this.

    Paul (London): That's a munchie box, isn't it? Almost approaching peak Scotland there. I wonder if they're in MyFitnessPal...

    Jenna (Australia): All the ingredients for a truly horrific vomit.

    Clarissa (Brazil): I hope this comes with a free pass for heart surgery in a great hospital.

    Caitlin (Australia): Um, what is this? It looks disgusting but also kind of delicious? I don't know how to feel anymore.

    Iran (Brazil): My God, that would feed me for a whole week, actually I think I want to dive into this box. Less interested in the brown thing that seems part of some animal that should not be eaten.

    Tabatha (London): If this didn't contain meat, it would be my literal dream meal. Cheesy pizza, coleslaw, AND curly fries? What's not to like?

    2. Glasgow Science Centre

    Flickr: 72486075@N00 / Creative Commons

    Paul (London): That's the weirdest urinal I've ever seen.

    Conz (New York): Looks like a bathtub from the next American Horror Story season.

    Jenna (Australia): 50 Shades of Grey without the sexiness.

    Iran (Brazil): This is either a torture machine, a bath, or simply a generator. Regardless of what it actually is, this picture is beautiful.

    Gaspar (Brazil): Reminds me of something from a futuristic video game.

    Robin (London): Parks really have changed since I was a kid. Also, I assume this was the sunniest day of the year?

    Clarissa (Brazil): I'm glad to see there are places more weird than our capital, Brasilia.

    3. Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel

    Flickr: dun_deagh / Creative Commons

    Jenna (Australia): Roads in Glasgow are weird.

    Conz (New York): I like it. I would love my living room to have vintage cars on display, digging it hard.

    Clarissa (Brazil): A literal road to nowhere.

    Caitlin (Australia): Cars are fun, we have cars in Australia as well so I can get on board with this. I assume it's a museum. Can you sit in the cars? If not, I wouldn't pay to go here.

    Gyan (Australia): Worst rollercoaster ever.

    Declan (London): Glasgow's giants have the fanciest dinky cars.

    Gaspar (Brazil): It looks like a vintage huge Hot Wheels convention.

    4. Haggis, neeps, and tatties with oatcakes

    Flickr: astro-dudes / Creative Commons

    Chelsey (London/US): I'm really not sure if this is dessert or potatoes and I'm really confused.

    Scott (London): It looks like a rabbit hiding under mustard.

    Gyan (Australia): Whatever you call the opposite of food porn.

    Tom (London): This looks a bit like a poo, but I suspect it's probably very tasty.

    Jenna (Australia): Looks like something Martha Stewart would tweet.

    Raquel (Mexico): Breakfast in a weight gain diet?

    Iran (Brazil): I don't think it's a good idea to eat foods that look like vomit. Sorry.

    Baxter (Brazil): It looks like a car.

    5. The Duke of Wellington statue

    Flickr: stephaneollivier / Creative Commons

    Clarissa (Brazil): It's so thoughtful of the people who did this to find a traffic cone for the horse too!

    Jamie (London): The traffic cones improve it.

    Conz (New York): Did this happen after a riot?

    Caitlin (Australia): I don't think those cones are meant to be there. Rude.


    Paul (London): That cone on the front is a TRIUMPH of balancing.

    Jenna (Australia):
    Are those witches' hats permanent? I am so confused.

    Gaspar (Brazil): Ahahha someone is going to jail...

    6. Glasgow Botanic Gardens

    Flickr: sajeel / Creative Commons

    Chelsey (London/US): Oh, really lovely! It's quite fairy tale, minus the bin in the corner, let's be honest.

    Baxter (Mexico): Mothership is taking off. See you later, humans.

    Maggy (London): I like all the colours, but it's very foggy in there. What's going on? Is it a sex cult?

    Clarissa (Brazil): I guess it's a really big greenhouse. If it is, maybe it's because the weather in Glasgow is so lousy that they had to build some sort of public greenhouse so people feel it's springtime.

    Flo (London): It looks like those lights they have in crappy pubs that look a bit like boobs, but upside down and massive.

    Gaspar (Brazil): Beautiful but those windows need to be cleaned.

    Jenna (Australia): Oh you guys actually do get blue skies!

    7. The Clyde Auditorium (SECC)

    Flickr: pjs42 / Creative Commons

    Jamie (London): Looks like something created from the Sydney Opera House having sex with a giant armadillo.

    Gyan (Australia): OPERA HOUSE RIP-OFF MATE.

    Maggy (London): That looks like an XXXL earthworm.

    Iran (Brazil): I DEFINITELY WANT TO GO TO SCOTLAND RIGHT NOW. What a beautiful theatre. If it's a stadium or something related to sport I'll be very frustrated.

    Caitlin (Australia): This looks like a rip off of the Sydney Opera House (unless it was built before ours, then we're the ones who ripped this off). It also reminds me of some kind of crustacean you'd find on the beach and kick around.

    Clarissa (Brazil): Looks EXACTLY like one of these garden bugs! I love it.

    Gaspar (Brazil): Wow, that's an amazing huge metalic lobster shell.

    8. A fritter roll

    9. Glasgow Subway

    Flickr: calflier001 / Creative Commons

    Iran (Brazil): What a clean Metro system! The ones in Brazil are also well known. But it is strange, because I know Europe is not this clean. Did you choose a good picture to deceive us?

    Dan (London): Those trains look well 1970s.

    Gyan (Australia): LEGO does limited edition Scottish train.

    Raquel (Mexico): It's like the cleanest possible version of Mexico City's subway system.

    Conz (New York): Hehe, feels like the little train thingie you ride on Space Mountain at Disney, so '80s.

    Robin (London): Wait, what London Underground zone is Glasgow in??!

    Chelsey (London/US): Are there no doors or are they open? It's quite a '70s colour scheme isn't it? It's like the London Tube met the NY Subway and they had a baby.

    10. St Enoch subway station (now a Caffe Nero) / Creative Commons

    Caitlin (Australia): Is this a church that's been converted into a coffee house? Can you do that?

    Paul (London): I bet like every other Caffe Nero they'll forget about the panini they're heating up for me until it's blackened to a crisp and then they have to make another one. Some things in life just need to be constant.

    Anon (Australia): Cute castle. Is this where the Queen stays when she visits?

    Scott (London): OK Scottish Caffe Neros are pretty damn sexy. Just look at that Costa to the left of it. Half of its bloody letters aren't even working. SORT IT OUT.

    Iran (Brazil): It's the Scottish version of the house from Up, the Disney movie. Love it!

    Chelsey (London/US): I appreciate choices. Honestly though, who would go to that Costa/Greggs when Nero is so obviously winning at ambience?

    11. Finnieston Crane and the Clyde Arc

    Flickr: heartcaves / Creative Commons

    Paul (London): Heard your ma needed that crane to get on the cruise boat.

    Gaspar (Brazil): It's very blue, no clouds, I like it.

    Scott (London): God Glasgow is sexy.

    Caitlin (Australia): This would be pretty if that big ugly grey structure wasn't there. Can you move it? You should move it.

    Chelsey (London/US): I wonder if that water is as clean as it looks? Very blue, kudos, Glasgow.

    Gyan (Australia): You guys must be busy wishing this was a real harbour bridge view.

    Dan (London): It looks nice, but pretty chilly.

    12. Macaroni pie

    Flickr: the-majestic-fool / Creative Commons

    Paul (London): It looks like an egg custard that's been made by someone who only has butter, cheese and onions. APPROVE OF THIS.

    Raquel (Mexico): That is an onion tart, you onion addicts.

    Jenna (Australia): This looks so gross. I want to eat it.

    Conz (New York): IS IT A MAC AND CHEESE SNACK CAKE KINDA THING? My mouth is watering.

    Gaspar (Brazil): Is that pasta? What are you all thinking??? (but it must be delicious).

    Iran (Brazil): Why spoil a humble quiche with pasta?

    Robin (London): If you can buy it in Greggs, it's fine by me.

    Many thanks to Baxter and Raquel (BuzzFeed Mexico), Conz (New York), Gaspar José, Iran Giusti, and Clarissa Passos (BuzzFeed Brazil), Caitlin, Gyan, and Jenna (BuzzFeed Australia) and Maggy, Robin, Tabatha, Dan, Chelsey, Jamie, Paul, Scott, Flo, Tom, and Declan (London).

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