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    24 Signs You're The Class Clown Of Your Friendship Group

    Once a class clown, always a class clown.

    1. You're probably not the very first person your friends call when they have a major crisis...

    2. ...but as soon as they're ready to be cheered up, you're there for them immediately.

    3. People with a good sense of humour automatically gravitate towards you.

    4. Halloween isn't about being sexy, it's about crafting the perfect visual joke.

    5. You're the life and soul of any party...

    6. fact, you are the party.

    7. Though you do occasionally look back on nights out and think "was I a bit much?"

    8. You've seen this expression on your friends' faces quite a few times:

    9. You can't handle it if your friends don't laugh at your jokes.

    10. And if a friend ever says that someone else is funnier than you; it's basically the end of the world.

    11. You're always the one pulling a silly face in group photos.

    12. You're the person in your friendship group who assigns all the nicknames...

    13. ...including your own.

    14. You feel deeply offended if a friend looks at their phone while you're hanging out with them.

    15. Your Facebook statuses are carefully crafted works of comedy art.

    16. People outside your friendship group sometimes write you off as "attention seeking".

    17. But your true friends always appreciate your efforts to brighten their day...

    18. ...and make them happy.

    19. You have a tendency to overshare.

    20. In fact, you're willing to say or do pretty much anything if you think it will make your friends laugh.

    21. Although sometimes it doesn't end well.

    22. You poke fun at yourself rather than mocking other people.

    23. And you've been known to sacrifice your dignity to make your friends laugh.

    24. In short: you should be proud to be a clown.