23 Of The Dumbest UK Facebook Statuses Of All Time

Warning: this won’t make you proud to be British. Thanks to Worst Status Of The Day.

1. Nuffin ta lose… apart from your dignity.

2. Well, that escalated quickly.

3. Y, indeed?

4. Is Shel racist, or just stupid? The jury’s out.


6. thys 1 iz kynda hd 2 rd tbh

7. Hold the front page…

8. This is actually Kate Middleton’s personal profile. It took the Queen weeks to convince her to go with Prince George instead of Prince Punched.

9. Meet the UK version of 50 Cent: 1000 Pennys Lol.

10. Well played, Captain Birdseye. Well played.

11. A Lidl bit of love never hurt anyone.

12. *Facepalm*

13. “Morning everyone!”

14. Yeah, what were they thinking?

15. “Glad my bros in prison!”

16. Can anyone help Joshua?

17. Thank goodness for Rustler Burgers.

18. Don’t forget your big shini houp earinnks!

19. “My phone’s at 1000%! I can use it to call Pluto.”

20. The Only Way Is… Swindon.

21. The Only Way Is Jeremy (Kyle)

22. Well done, sir. Well done.

23. And the winner is…

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Hilary Mitchell is the Scotland editor for BuzzFeed and is based in Edinburgh.
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