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    22 Times Westies Failed So Hard But They Were Cute So ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    West Highland Terriers? More like Best Highland Terriers, amirite?

    1. When this little guy got a bit snow-clogged.

    2. And when Lola got herself into even deeper trouble.

    3. When this adorable dude couldn't figure out where the other doggos were.

    4. When this dainty cloud had a bad hair day.

    5. When Ruby let it all hang out.

    6. And when Lily completely lost it.

    7. When this alarmed little adventurer got stuck.

    8. And when this cutie didn't know where to go next.

    9. When this silly pupper tried to eat sand.

    10. When this little cabbage sucked at hide and seek.

    11. When this poor pup got covered in prickles.

    12. When this lil' guy was overcome by his love of modern art.

    13. When this mucky pooch gave himself a mud bath.

    14. When this pup used her dad's foot as a chair.

    15. When this woofer tried to pretend he was a Jedi.

    16. When this wee pudding got a bit smushed.

    17. And when this tyke forgot how to dog.

    18. When Kanye Westie almost got his head stuck.

    19. When this floof wasn't very good at catch.

    20. When Callie tried a bold new look.

    21. When Wallace tried to convince everybody that he was still just a smol pupper.

    But he was no longer smol.

    22. And when Buddy got caught red-handed stealing his mum's McFlurry.